Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Do You Think?

Here’s a presentation video for my new site, the Strategic Planning Group, which will be launching (if all goes well) around next Monday.

What do you all think?

So is it— smart? stupid? agree? disagree? definitely would join? wouldn’t join on my life?

Be as frank as you’d like—I want your honest opinion.


P.S.: Oops! Forgot to make the video public—now it is. Enjoy!


  1. Gonzalo:
    As an individual and a businessman myself, I salute you for turning an impressive blog into a money making enterprise. I am indeed impressed with your view points and interpretations of what is going on today in our country and our world.
    Since you're using the term "members" I think it is safe to assume you'll be charging for membership. Again, I salute you on what appears to be another well thought out and designed business venture on your part.
    However, I won't be paying for a membership.
    It seems that this is aimed at people who are either to lazy or too uniformed as to how to glean all of this type of information from the mountains of information freely available on the internet and yes, even in books if people would take the time to actually read one. They're even available for free at something called our local library (foreign term for some people).
    If people haven't figured out by now that we're in a world of shit and haven't already begun to prepare for the tsunamis of shit storms that are headed our way, then I'm sure that they will find your information useful. But, if they're this far behind the curve then I fear that it is too late for them. If they haven't already stockpiled food, water, guns and ammo then that is their first mistake. If they haven't diversified out of the suck market
    into tangible assets, then they're in for another big surprise. If they haven't already
    made an exit strategy from what is going to be a failed noble experiment then it's probably too late. There's your market and I'm sure that you will have plenty of takers.
    I'm not trying to be a smart ass or anything, but when I look around at what's happening and when I talk to most of my friends
    (who are some type of professional people) and I find that they either don't see what is headed our way or refuse to believe it, then I have very little hope that the America that we grew up in is going to survive.
    Just John

  2. Seems like an excellent program concept. A question is pricing. Will the cost of membership be worth the perceived benefit(s)?

  3. This looks interesting BUT it is impossible to evaluate its value without knowing the subscription cost. This looks fun and entertaining (to an analyst type already actively following every one of the scenarios you outlined and an advanced prepper type preparing for most of these scenarios, including having an exit option and property outside of the US). However, is this really the best use of my resources? If the cost is minor, I would subscribe and participate in the discussions. If this is pricy consulting for high wealth individuals who are too busy or too lazy to do their homework, it is not the best use of my resources.

  4. From what I see it seems that month cost is 35USD and year membership cost 300USD.
    Quite expensive if you ask me.

  5. How about we just get some regular content on your other two sites. While i find your commentary insightful, I don't know that it is worth paying for it..

  6. I think it would be helpful if you were a little more explicit in defining your target audience.
    Are you looking for a specific region? e.g. Americans? Seems like it, but it leaves me as a european wondering if I would get any benefits from your service.

    Would it be possible to buy just one scenario, without subscribing?

  7. I would be one of the people Just John would mistake for "lazy" or "uninformed." However, I've read more than several books and done quite a bit of research on my own. My brain and intuition do tell me that planning for these scenarios is necessary. However, I find myself vacillating from not being confident enough in my own dissemination skills, to thinking "I can't believe this is really happening to us." This has me stymied so that I'm not making more aggressive plans for these possible scenarios. Since I would fall in the upper middle class range, not wealthy, I am careful to make the most of my time and money. Consequently, before I spend time and money on further preparation, I would be willing to make the investment, but not more than $10 per month to keep myself further informed and validate some of my beliefs about what is occurring. At the very least, there should be a trial period at this cost for a couple months. Just my suggestion. . . .

  8. Sounds interesting but I stick to the free sites.

  9. Sorry, GL, but if the subscription price is high enough to make it worthwhile for you and your panel members, and remunerative enough to keep you on a strict schedule with your posts and updates, I'm afraid it will be too costly for me to consider.

    I would certainly enjoy seeing some of your content, especially your expat advice. I appreciate your insights and enjoy your writing - that's why I stop in here quite often. But for someone in my position of already being aware of and largely prepared for such scenarios, membership would be primarily for entertainment value, not investment advice. Therefore, it would be worth very little of my money to participate.

    But not everyone is prepared, and even some who are will be willing to subscribe. Just make sure to be timely with your posts and not let your subscribers down.

    Best of luck on your efforts.

  10. You keep sucking in your breath before starting each spoken paragraph. The microphone you used is a bit too sensitive or the sound needs to be processed a bit. Nit-picky, but you asked for a marketing perspective. Although the text is good, the unprocessed, unfiltered audio quality gives it a bit of an amateurish, homemade sound.

  11. I believe a "real-time" think tank would be valuable in that information, events, and impacts worldwide are happening (as you say)at an astonishing pace and on a multitude of fronts. Very few of even the most astute sideline observers can keep up and understand all the implications much less the impacts. Biggest challenge is to keep it truly neutral for the help of the membership rather than self-serving, swayed by special interests, etc.

    But I would certainly be interested if pricing is appropriate and creates "value" commensurate with that price.

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  13. I don't pay for anything on the Internet, not even porn.

  14. GL ... be careful! The most dangerous job in America today is "financial planner". If you give it a little thought, you will realize that it's completely impossible for everyone to be a winner. It's not even possible for the majority of Americans to be winners. Our standard of living must decline, and our real wages (adjusted by inflation) are likely to be stagnant or to take a direct hit. There is still way too much debt buried in the global financial system, and written off by accounting tricks. The Ponzi scheme is unstable.

    It will difficult for everyone to avoid getting bruised by the debris that tumbles off the giant Ponzi scheme.


  15. It sounds a lot like Chris Martensons crash course which I paid attention to 3 years ago & prepared.
    The course was free.

    I have to agree with another poster that you may be quite late to the game.

  16. I think what would be good is the evaluation of foreign markets for Canadian and Americans to make their ways to because......The Chinese Army, Russian Navy and Mexican and Cuban militaries are preparing to invade the United States very shortly.

    Although most Americans don't believe this is possible, it is inevitable for various reasons.

    I would recommend you evaluate the safety of foreign markets for all of the "informed" people that haven't moved out of harms way as of yet. They say they are preparing (food, guns, ammo, precious metals) but they don't realize that this things will have only short term value as the U.S. geograpical area is about to become a nuclear fallout zone.

  17. G -- You are moving into an increasingly crowded market -- everyone from Lee Bellinger to Ferfal to John Wesley Rawles has been publishing on this stuff for some time now. And the survivalist and prepper chat boards are full of great (free) info. Now, if you believe you will be adding something new, something no one else is putting out there, that's something else. But every topic you list has been extensively covered elsewhere. You have not convincingly stated your value proposition, other than "it would be good to know about this stuff." Many of us do, and have been preparing for some time. I'd pay $300 in a minute if I thought you were going to go beyond what's already out there, though. Noting everyone's resistance to the cost, why not give a six month, no questions asked, money back guarantee? Hell, make it a year. That might be a game-changer.

  18. I have to agree with your second poster, but with a twist. I am an avid pod cast listener and there are three sits I visit that have more content for paying members. One I am planning on joining not just because content of his pod cast but also the discounts from vendors for paying members. Any regular listener to the John Batchelor Show Or Carl Denninger Market Ticker would have knew China had serious issues last year. Chris Martenson site has useful info and he has a paying section for more detail, but you can get this info other places.
    Also I have a hard time believing any serious regular reader of your blog doesn’t realize the world is in serious trouble and has plan and is implementing it. I can see how this can be “one stop shop” and your guests analysis would be useful. I much as I love you (Like an annoying cousin) I can’t see diverting money from other uses but Good Luck!

  19. Gonzalo

    Remember: "The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you're eating into your reputation or your profits.”

    This has to be priced low enough to entice the curious.

    Most of us who frequent this site are well versed in financial aspects. Those who are not are unlikely to pay for membership.

    I do not read your ramblings so I can better prepare myself for any future “Black Swan” events, I read because I find it interesting and I like your writing style.
    Consider your site like Facebook, if they started to charge for me to see the shit my friends had posted, I would be gone in a heartbeat, and your site is no different.
    Now, if your site attracted more traffic because of the content, then potentially you could charge advertisers more.

    Would like to see content before I subscribe.

  20. Gonzalo,

    There are a lot of research groups putting out this type of information daily, weekly and monthly. Perhaps, playing out a scenario of your own around what's out there and how you would differentiate from the pack and then consider whether your unique offering can be defended or is your recipe and ingredients available to competitors a low cost.

  21. Great--consider improving the audio quality.

  22. Jack in the PhilippinesMay 12, 2011 at 6:51 AM

    Speaking as one who has already gotten out of Dodge, I would say that I think the notion of gaming out specific scenarios, while interesting and entertaining, is at root an exercise in futility. I don't believe you or anyone else can do it accurately enough. The trick, it seems to me, is to engineer one's life to be more robust against unpredictable events. I don't need to know exactly how the machine will run off the rails to know that I don't want to be in it when it does.
    Regarding your proposed group, as others have said, everything would depend on pricing. If you price it as entertainment or interesting ideas to think about, i.e. similar to a low end magazine subscription, I find your stuff mostly interesting enough that I would probably pay it. If you price it like a 'consulting service', i.e. in the hundreds of dollars per year, now you're implying that it is somehow more valuable and accurate than merely interesting ideas, and frankly I'm not interested in the advice of gurus, I prefer to make my own mistakes.
    You might find it instructive to look at some of the commentary surrounding the pricing of ebooks by new authors (Konrath's blog has a lot of information, Until very recently, I never bought fiction, too pricey, I'd just get it at the library. Now there's a lot of new author fiction for a buck or two on Amazon -- at that price, I'll give anything a flyer if it looks interesting. There are a fair number of new authors making very good money at that price point. You might even consider packaging your 'scenarios' as ebooks and putting them on Amazon. Just something to think about.

  23. Asking money in order to explain people that money will lose all value is a bit of a contradiction from my point of view.

    Also fighting against the establishment using the rules imposed by the establishment is a game you cannot win.

  24. GL

    The topic of Exit America sounds intriguing and innovative. Alternatively, finding some "safer" locations in the U.S. would be great also.

    Depending on price, I would pay for all information from you. Am looking forward to your ideas !!!


  25. $35 USD/Month, Too much for me.
    $10 USD/Month, Probably would subscribe.

    I believe a lower price point would attract significantly more subscribers.

  26. Where is the scenario for surviving Fuck-ashima which is polluting all of N. America and Europe, or for the polluting of the entire Gulf Coast of America last year? You can game play all day long, but reality has a way of screwing up your best laid plans. What if you had moved to American Redoubt Country to find that the farm land you bought for a small fortune is so polluted with radioactive contamination that your own produce is sure to kill you?

    We are in a 4TH Turning period, and game playing will be of limited value while thinking on your feet and being 5 steps ahead of the next guy will mean the difference between survival or not.

    We are suffering a Crack -Up Boom, and Average Joe doesn't care why he can't feed his family. He doesn't care whether it's pork chops being a nickel a pound, and he doesn't have the nickel, or whether it's $25 per pound pork chops, and he doesn't have the $25. He is screwed either way.

  27. GL, I would start with a lower monthly amount until you show your subscribers the value of your new site. If you can prove value over time, then as the movie says, "they will come". You might also think of allowing a free month or two so that folks can see the real value of the site, and then you transition to subscribers only. By combining both these thoughts, you would get maximum exposure for the paying site.

  28. I mentioned Fuck-ashima in an earlier post, and here is the proof that anything we do may not matter unless you want to move to the southern hemisphere. How do we prepare for this? I wish I was making all this up, but this is all to real for anyone wanting to follow the links:

    5/12/2011 -- BREAKING NEWS !! NILU - Norsk Institute = ZARDOZ = radiation at EMERGENCY LEVELS

    and here's the actual files from NILU. You can check them out before they are removed.;O=D

    You may want to back up this last information before they scub it as they have done in the past.

  29. Unless you think radiation is good for you and your family, be scared. The readings of CS-137, I-131 and XE-133 on May 11, 2011, from files I previously provided, tell you all you need to know even if ya have half a brain.

    When and how do we game play this black swan event exactly?

    I'm also seeing that fish in the Gulf are showing up diseased, and the scientists are, drum role please, without explanation. I saw a photo of a Red Snapper that had vertical stripes on it's body just like a sheepshead, but I know the snapper wasn't chasing tail on a sheepshead, so thank you BP for destroying the Gulf of Mexico. I can't wait to hear how we live happily ever after in a world full of black swans that are plowing into one another like a 100 car pile up in a North Dakota Blizzard.

  30. GL, Most people don't want to go to the palm reader and pay for a negative premonition, it goes against human nature. They would prefer the palm reader lie to them and tell them that great love and treasure is just around the corner.

    The problem with black swans is that they can be trumped by other black swans. A person can stockpile guns and physical gold, but what happens to that stockpile when crime and lawlessness permeate the society? What if the gov't confiscates gold again? What if you buy a yacht to escape the mainland, but your ship gets highjacked by pirates? What if you move to a 3rd world country, and druglords or dirty cops seize your possessions? You can take it even further than that...What if an asteroid hits earth? What if a dirty bomb hits LA? What if the world runs out of oil?

    You can play that game into infinity, and come back around full circle. The only logical conclusion is to try to make hay while the sun shines...beyond that it's anyone's guess.


  31. 1. You need a popper stopper (pop filter) on your mike.

    2. Your script is good, but I recommend you re-read it a hundred times or more until you have it down by heart. Then you can concentrate on putting more emotion - restrained, controlled emotion - into your delivery without being distracted by trying to remember your lines.

    3. I agree with the other commenters who think that you're launching this service a bit late into the game. How long do we have until the crack-up - maybe as little as two years. Still, better for people to start planning late than never. You need to impress on your customers that the time for action may be short.

    4. I suggest you target high-end folks who are less clued-in to economic reality than most of your readers at this blog. I wouldn't charge less than 35 a month. Fifty a month or more is not a lot if you're really going to help someone save their wealth. How much to pundits charge for market newsletters?

    5. Consider offering a deluxe option for subscribers who want you to help them with personal, hands-on planning for their specific situation.

    6. You need to let people drop out at any time. This way they can try a month, get a feel for what you're offering, and continue or not as they see fit. Your target audience can affort to invest in a month's trial subscription.

    7. Why should a potential subscriber trust your advice? Just on the basis of your blog? I know it's not your style, but can you impress him with your background or credentials, drop some names?

  32. GL - why don't you run it as a very cheap model like $2.95 a month for a report protected by DRM?

    Unless you're making accurate market calls with timing and risk there's no "high value" here.

    Listen and read your previous work with the advantage of hind site that it's all wrong and inaccurate so far. Who's going to pay for that?

    Things are going to change, get worse, unknowns will be unknowable but we all know that already.

    Look at what Orlov is writing - fuck it. Giving up the idea of preservation is the most healthy thing one can do.

    We can all share our stories of survivorship bias later - if we don't fall in that group we won't really care will we?

  33. But very few of them have ever heard of the real operative "ism" that dominated Soviet life: Dofenism, which can be loosely translated as "not giving a rat's ass." A lot of people, more and more during the "stagnation" period of the 1980's, felt nothing but contempt for the system, did what little they had to do to get by (night watchman and furnace stoker were favorite jobs among the highly educated) and got all their pleasure from their friends, from their reading, or from nature.

  34. Sorry in South Africa we have not sufficient bandwidth to watch movies/videos. I appreciate your articles, but would therefore not become a subscriber. What you have written sofar, with exception of the novel attempt, was good. I am afraid from now on it will be: Thanks for the memory. Rgds Bob Visser Joburg

  35. Just John's argument is laughable and a little insulting to us "real" businessmen.

    Claiming people are "to lazy or too uniformed as to how to glean all of this type of information from the mountains of information freely available on the internet" is ridiculous.

    Let's say the membership is 35 dollars a month. Even a mildly successful businessman makes that much in just an hour. So I'm trading only one hour of my work per month, to get many hours of information synthesized and neatly presented.

    I don't consider myself lazy. I consider my time valuable.

    To Gonzalo: I'm Canadian so I'll join for at least a month and see how relevant the information is to me. If you only do yearly subscriptions, then I'd have to think about it for a bit and see if the information is really relevant to my situation.

    Just Jay

  36. Well, I'll try again, since my last comment somehow didn't get posted.
    How, or will, you use HiddenLevers scenarios in this group?
    Also, armageddon can take a lot longer to arrive than we sometimes think, so to be worth paying for, the site will have to have timely info and recommendations on how to deal with the volatility in the markets.

  37. It's interesting how many people seem to want something for free. The problem is, you tend to get what you pay for! I agree with Just Jay, trading about an hour of my time per month (or, about half of one percent of what I make a month), seems like quite a deal for informative and thoughtful analysis of current trends.

    Many of the "free" sites or information that are out there (the beans, bullets, band-aids sites) may have good (but often contradictory) advice on some things you can do in some scenarios, but being able to understand what's going on around you and where we are headed, and make good decisions based on that understanding, is worth more than all of the books and websites combined, IMHO. By the way, none of those sites are really "free" either - they're all selling something... At least with something like this, we'll know what we're paying for.

    I wish you success, and will be looking forward to when the site goes live!

    Just Another John

  38. Eh, if your content is good, the presentation is not a big factor. As far as charging, consider the advertising route unless you are convinced that us readers find your content unique, unavailable elsewhere, and good for our pocketbooks. You may lose much of your old audience so make sure that you think new blood will be coming in. Any case, best wishes for success.

  39. Compelling concept. It would definitely give me pause to investigate what you have to offer even further. It could really take off. Also, it may seem simple minded but are you intending to include a plan for business as usual if none of the above occur in a dramatic way? Nice video and concept.

  40. Tess of Kansas asks about a potential SPG topic: What do we do when they come for our firearms? I am the law abiding type.

    If a uniformed officer came to my door and made such a demand, the officer would them (the ones that were in the open that is). Call me a chicken. My husband on the other hand would rather go to jail.

    I miss Hourly G, yet look forward to SPG. It will be interesting. I hope the topics do not transition into realtime too quickly.

    Thanks for the update,
    Tess in Kansas

  41. Dear Anony at 5/13 8:00,

    Naturally, you would comply with the sheriff -- on the surface. The authorities think that you have no rights. Please don’t go Waco or Ruby Ridge on us. Dead people can’t sue the authorities or raise a stink on TV.

    Go to a gun show and buy something cheap to give them. Keep your real stash in an undisclosed location. If they have copies of your FFL permits, then say that you traded them long ago.

  42. @ UrbanBard: no problem with me and ideas of RudyRidge tactics. I am not the best on the typewritter and left a word or two out. The most violent thing I have done is slap a horse - and that was after he kicked me.

    I understand what you said, and that would make sense. With your approach, at least I would still have my dignity knowing that I was honest (to say I had no firearms with me).

    Basically, the idea of not having all my eggs in one basket might fit here. In our community, I do not anticipate riots and such. If someone goes rouge, there are enough good packing folks around that might be willing to deal it. Since I live in a relatively small area (population about 100), the county sherrif knows who the questionable folks are.

    I feel fortunate to already live in a "safe zone" of such. Neighbors help neighbors. Even the Sherriff is known to drive in groceries to shut ins during bad weather. You can't beat that. (But we do have occasional murders due to druggies driving in from the city to burgularize folks).

    I hope GL covers topics like limited water supplies.

    Kansas here and Thanks for the comments.

  43. I don't pay for anything on the internet except porn.

  44. 1. If I do not live in America, would this be useful?
    2. Can we just buy specific scenarios?
    3. Will you have scenarios outside of America? (e.g. Australia, Singapore, Malaysia)

  45. I must have missed the price - which several have referred to. For those of you who think that $35/month is too much for useful information, I salute you! As to the "do it yourself" gang, the problem with prepper sites and fora is that they spend most of their time contradicting each other - mostly as to minutiae.

    PS: As a former broadcaster, I agree that the amateur audio needs to be fixed. Get a windscreen for the mic and edit out the lip smacking and you'll be there.

  46. My gut feeling, Kansas, is that we will have a long depression where the money is bad. Many of us will have to ride this out, because we have limited resources. We will be forced back on barter, but that assumes that we have something that other people want. Most of the consumer gee-gaws, TVs, mobile phones, iPads and such, will be worthless. A lot of undervalued items, like bicycles, cold weather clothes and guns, will trade well. Silver dimes and quarters will be highly valued for exchange.

    Will there be chaos? Yes, but the most explosive locations are in the big cities. Imagine eight simultaneous Katrina scenarios with the Mainstream Media lying their heads off first by pumping up and then trying to minimise the hysteria. The Red States are likely to get ignored because the violence will be elsewhere.

    The risk you run is when a local cabal takes over. The results you get depend on if they are upstanding people or some Mexican Gang from across the border. This is why you need to set up good relations with your neighbors. You are protected better if you are the cabal.

    GL is not a good source for water storage info. Most of his stories are about urban areas. It seems as though Chile’s hyperinflation was orderly. Others that I have read about, Argentina’s, for instance, are scary.

    There are a host of good survival books for sale. Look up Cody Lundin and James Wesley, Rawles on Amazon. It is hard to give advise when you don’t know the person’s particular situation. A rainwater storage system of 50 gallons per person for three months doesn’t cost much. And food storage for two to four times as long would help you wait out most of the problems.

    The best thing to count on is intermittent electrical power and low gasoline supplies. Most of the modern conveniences become unaffordable even in a long depression with bad money. I am assuming that our standard of living will be cut to a quarter, but we start at a level high above subsistence. Your best bet is to start practicing your coming poverty during the next two years before the economy goes to hell. Keeping a low profile avoids looking like a target.

    Many survival skills need practicing, before a crisis. Store bought bread is great, but can you bake your own? The cost goes way down if you can. Find out how your great grandparents survived the great depression. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. I’m planning to ride this out in a bigger town of 50 thousand.

  47. Gonzalo, you have an appropriate business plan considering the deteriorating environmental, economic and social conditions with a growing demographic who can read the large bold handwriting on the wall, or those who have a gut sense of an impending Apocalyptic doom.

    A guaranteed income will be generated from nervous and thoughtful subscribers worldwide on your advise on how to mitigate the coming hardships.

    Although, there will be many like myself who will conclude that the wall you erect around the information you share with the elite privileged subscribers, like that of a gated community filled with tight sphincters and smug "I got it together" attitudes armed against the unwashed masses outside the gates who are angry and clamoring for justice - There will be post revolution retribution.

    As the social conditions become more chaotic there will be mobs, like those of the French Revolution, running amuck in the streets and searching the internet for sites, such as your's Gonzalo, that knew of the corporate/government fraud and the manipulation of the populus, and choose instead to abandon the citizenry and only help those behind their self erected walls.

    Revolutionary hackers will breach these paid subscription walls and arrest these social deviants and parade them to the city center square where they will be placed in shackles in the stockades and be subjected to daily ridicule by those heroes of the revolution marching by in disgust.

    Gonzalo, you have chosen your fate, have mercy on those behind walls and closed doors.

  48. Gonzalo, you may have a major flaw in your view. You seem to think that hyperinflation will just be an American thing. The US dollar is used as central bank reserves to back many of the paper currencies around the world. If their reserves become worthless they will not be able to support their local currency. So when the US dollar goes many paper currencies will go.

  49. I would pay for some of the SPG scenarios, but not others. If you offer the content for me to purchase ala carte, I'll buy what I want. The value proposition you offer is the advice of what to do, and synthasis of information into a big-picture perspective.

  50. great stuff and I will join

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  52. GL

    The head of the IMF is chasing hotel maids in New York.

    If I were you ... I'd make a quick call to that "girlfriend" of yours onboard your yacht. Are you sure she's still sunbathing? How do you know that she hasn't been whisked away by a secret IMF team in a rubber dinghy ???


  53. I guess you could charge top dollar for your services to high net worth people. I guess you could charge thousands per year to select group and charge 30 bucks or so to the poor folks. You do give great info. and you should be able to make a living out of all this. You have the knowledge and experience having lived through a hyper-inflationary event in Chile. I read somewhere some millionaires out there are building bunkers costing in the six to seven digits. These folks would easily pay you some thousands per year for your knowledge. Give it a shot and I hope you hit the big time. You never answered my email regarding Karl Denninger's statement negating a hyper-inflationary event.

  54. @ Just Jill:
    If you're reading books and articles and trying to figure out how to help yourself, then obviously you don't fall into the category of "lazy or uninformed". Keep up the good work.
    @Tess in Kansas:
    If the Sheriff is at our door to take your guns, or anything else, then our system has failed and it's time to use the gun rather than give it up. What good are hidden guns if you aren't willing to use them when they're needed the most?
    @Just Jay:
    You will do really well in the upcoming turmoil.

    Just John

  55. GL,
    I posted a comment last night. It was up last night. Now it is gone. Perhaps you are having technical issues. Here it is again.

    I have 2 issues with what I have seen so far. The first is the idea that the US will become unlivable. I do not think this will happen. I think the US is the best place to be.

    We live in a time of incredible opportunity. The solutions to the challenges we face haven't even been thought of yet. Those who live engaged, fruitful, happy, joyful, fulfilled lives in the midst of the coming change will be those who are themselves the agents of principled change.

    They will be honest, people of principle, open in heart and mind, egalitarian, generous in heart, spirit, and action. They will embody the can-do spirit. They will have big imaginations. They will abandon the old corrupt institutions that no longer serve us. They will think in new ways and create and participate in new institutions.

    I think American culture is the culture that best embodies these things.

    Having said all this, I think it is very important to present an exit strategy. I think this is a very important topic to many people. I know people who prepared exit strategies during the riots in the 1960s, and what we face now is orders of magnitude more disruptive than what we faced then.

    But there are those who will rule out the option of leaving. Some have family members who will refuse to leave, or who are physically incapable of traveling. Some have their capital tied up in illiquid assets.

    I think it is important to acknowledge that emigrating is not an option all are willing to consider. I think presenting the exit strategy in terms of walking thru the decision process, of it being a personal choice, is a more compassionate and respectful presentation of the topic.

    The 2nd issue I have is what appears to be an insular feel to the site. I think those who thrive in our new world will be those who seek to create not a bunker, but a shelter - not only for themselves, but for others in their virtual and physical communities.

    Everyone can be a shelter. Being a shelter is not confined to sharing physical resources. It includes spiritual, emotional, and intellectual resources as well. I think your site will be more appealing to greater numbers of people if it cultivates an attitude of being a shelter to others.

    We are experiencing the worldwide abandonment of institutions and constructs that have become tools of extortion and oppression. The worm-eaten edifices are cracking and collapsing in on themselves. Those who benefit from the old system have it hooked up to life support. They are are doing everything they can think of in a desperate attempt to keep it alive. Their efforts are failing.

    Last week the Texas House of Representatives made TSA pat downs a crime. If enacted into law, TSA agents conducing these intrusive pat downs, defined under the law as sexual assault, will be subject to a $4,000 fine and one year in jail. Don't mess with Texas.

    On Sunday, in a Twilight Zone moment, a self-proclaimed fiscally conservative Republican presidential candidate called for the mandatory purchase of health insurance.

    Yesterday there was a rally outside the halls of Congress in support of raw milk sales. Angry moms demanded the food police/FDA cancel the forced shut down of an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania who sells raw milk. One protester wore a T shirt that said -

    “The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized.”

    More and more of these kinds of things are happening every day. Dishonesty, corruption, and immorality continues to be revealed in more areas at faster rates.

    If your site embraces a positive spirit of change, and is an honest, forthright, principled effort to educate and prepare members to navigate the challenges of our new world, I think it will be a success. I applaud your efforts to create virtual Boy Scouts.


  56. GL,
    Thank you for your kind invitation to join your site. I am very intrigued by your new venture, but now I am having second thoughts about participating.

    I posted a comment here in the early hours of 5-17 on this blog post.

    It vanished.

    I posted it a second time around 5 PM the same day. The second one vanished, too.

    My second comment reappeared here on 5-17 about 11:40 PM. It has the original date and time stamp.

    I wonder if I join your new site and take time to comment if my comments will vanish there, too?

    Hmmm.......what to do?

    WWGD? - What Would Gonzalo Do?


  57. Just to be clear: K Smith's posts "vanished" because the Blogspot spam detector considered them spam—though they weren't, and didn't have any content that would lead anyone to believe so.

    I de-spammed the second message only, because it was identical to the first—no sense having two comment posts saying the same thing.

    People know i NEVER cull a comment or post, no matter how negative of me personally, except if it's obscene or a commercial solicitation.

    On SPG, I'm not culling ANY comment—ever. Period. I figure that, since it's a private site and everyone is a grown up, it won't be necessary.

    And so far (though it's only been a few hours old), it's going fine.



  58. Anony at 5/17 at10:39AM said:

    "@Tess in Kansas:
    If the Sheriff is at our door to take your guns, or anything else, then our system has failed and it's time to use the gun rather than give it up. What good are hidden guns if you aren't willing to use them when they're needed the most?”

    Bad move, Anony. You need to choose your battles; don’t go up against a SWAT team.

    That Sheriff could be over ruled later, like the gun grabbers were during Katrina. We can’t assume that a local Sheriff exceeding his authority represents an institutional tyranny or a police state. It is better to have some throw away guns if you have a reputation for being self reliant. Overzealous officials are a political problem, so that is the only place to attack them. Get together with your neighbors and vote the bastards out.

    Only if they won’t obey the Constitution by vacating office, do you take up arms. Ditto, if Obama uses the coming monetary crisis to refuse to hold an election in 2012. Or if he declares himself President for Life. Let us hope that it never comes to that.

  59. Some locations will get very bad, KSmith. It doesn’t matter which form of economic disruption we get, deflation or hyperinflation. In a delation, the government has no money to pay for the “entitlements”. In a hyperinflation, the people on welfare get worthless money.

    Some people will fall back on rioting and burning down their neighborhoods. I don’t see how that can be prevented. The military is acting to protect their own. Recently the Army purchased a billion dollars of freeze dried foods when they have warehouses full of MRE’s. This shut down the supply chain for four months.

    As bad as things get, I see this as a necessary correction to a century of Progressivism in both political parties. Pain is often necessary to solve political problems.

  60. GL,
    Thank you for your response.

    Curse you, Blogspot Spam Detector!

    K Smith

  61. UrbanBard,
    I find it interesting that you mention voting out overzealous local politicians.

    The electronic voting systems used in many states came out of the banking industry. We all have our opinions about those in high places in the banking industry.

    The voting machines are glorified reverse ATMs. Instead of spitting things out, they take things in - votes. They were purposely designed to permit very easy manipulation of voting data in local elections. They were purposely designed with no audit trail.

    In a recent statewide runoff election in my state the winning candidate won by less than 2,500 votes. The losing candidate did not call for a recount because a recount is not possible due to the design of the voting machines.

    Correcting the century of Progressivism will require replacing the voting systems implemented by the Progressives.

    I also find it interesting that you mention massive military purchases of freeze dried food. I noticed the glitch in the food supply chain a few months ago. There was lots of virtual acknowledgment of it, but no explanation as to the cause. Your explanation makes perfect sense.

    K Smith

  62. To be honest, I couldn't make it through the explanatory video. It's not that there's something wrong with the video, it's probably fine as videos go.

    But I get information by reading not by hearing because I can get info a lot faster that way. People talk SLOWLY, have you noticed?

    Your admirer, Katie

  63. I am interested but would have to admit that I think $35 a month is a bit steep. Perhaps there could be a value proposition such as quantifying the likelihood of a scenario with the potential damage/gain from a defense position. We might then be able to determine if a subscription is worthwhile.

  64. @Urbanbard:
    To me, Liberty begins and ends at the local level, not the national level. If the Feds somehow do away with the 2nd Amendment then you can bet that it will fall to the local police/sheriffs to confiscate guns. It won't be a SWAT team that shows up at your door the first time. Besides, who wants to live in a country where you can't own a gun to protect your family and your property?
    Look around at those who have given up their guns willingly and you'll see that it didn't work out well for them in the long run. The Germans gave up their guns and look where it got them. By the time they realized that their country and government had been taken over, the
    numbers of guns that they would have needed were already gone. So much for resistance.
    I agree about voting people out of office, but as a country we have failed miserably at doing just that. Look at the career politicians who are entrenched in the govt. most of which will never willingly give up their offices and power.
    In my opinion, it's too late to vote them out and we'll end up having to take a stand against them sooner or later, and that stand, for me, starts at my front door when someone comes for my guns. Good luck with waiting to see if things get better later on.
    I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    Just John

  65. Is the 35 per month guaranteed for a certain period of time or will it be linked to (hyper)inflation...

  66. I'm just not sure if there is a market for it. Coming from the standpoint that I'm an affiliate for Dillards EVG, and I just haven't had the signups that I thought I would have.

    Having been a founding member and knowing what an excellent marketer Mike is I felt he would be able to upsell some of the 200 people I've put in my marketing funnel. That is just not the case. That tells me there just isn't the demand for this pay for knowledge.

  67. To Anon @ May 13, 2011 2:14 PM :

    I have witnessed and participated in the actual "Dofenism", and I know what it is like and why it happens.

    I can tell you, that the exact same thing is now happening in United States. Where I work, majority will only do things visible to others! Folks do not want to do things that are due to be done in accordance with their position, unless there is going to be a definite problem and they personally are going to be blamed.

    So, say hi to Dofenism. The collapse, therefore, is near.

    I remember all that clearly. I remember that it is pointless to fight against, and the one who embraces it the earliest, - wins. So, I am embracing it too (trying to stop all uncontrolled impulses to fight it).

    Whoever decided and voted to use fake money, thank them for the ruination of your country.

  68. Gonzalo, I agree with whoever said that you should target richer folks.

    There is no value in your think-tank to us, folks who won't pay, - because we are living in it for several years, because we have predicted it all, because we are not too rich to research.

    Basically this is going to be a paid version of, where you'd also publish things you don't know anything about, from time to time.

    A think-tank is only as valuable as the folks participating in it. So, I would immediately question what kind of fools you are going to stuff your tank with.

    Inflation prediction? Hyperinflation prediction? You've got to be kidding. I predicted it too! Anyone with even an ounce of brain matter was predicting it. That is not even mentioning published decades ago predictions by Mises and Rothbard.
    Anyone can predict hyperinflation. Try harder. Try something that is going to matter. Such as:

    Will there or will there be not hostilities in Thailand in 2012-2016?

    How exactly will the replacement of failed currency be carried out in US? At what exchange rate to the old dollar?

    At what point will the precious metal mines be seized by the government? When would it be the time to cash in the pm shares and go strictly physical?

    What would be the policy toward Americans in nations formerly protected by US, such as Costa Rica?

    Again, as it is, only a rich complete doofus would "bite" on that Hyperinflation prediction (It's like predicting that sex will happen), someone who hasn't been boiling in this all for years. Someone who is fat off government and is just turning away from the AI. (Myself, I haven't watched even a minute of TV in quite a few years by now).

    So, they guy is correct. Your service will be quite valuable to someone rich and dumb, which is the most widespread combination in a socialist country. Perhaps, at 500$ to 10000% a month level of lack of common sense, the think-tank would really help that someone.Everyone else is either already knows about or is beyond any help.

  69. GL,

    The concept is marketable but pricing is key. If you take the lower cost/volume sales approach used successfully by titans like Walmart or McD's I think your profits will increase as well as a broadening of readers through referrals and word of mouth.



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