Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Spectrum Decay

The Pentagon has a policy which can only be called the zenith of militaristic arrogance and stupidity: “Full Spectrum Dominance”.

As the name implies, the policy’s aim is for the United States’ military to control all aspects of a battlefield—or as proponents of the doctrine call it, the “battlespace”: Air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.

The doctrine’s concept, in its essence, is for the American military to be “better” than anyone else at everything else: The most carrier groups, the biggest nuclear subs, the latest military technology, etc., etc., etc., all of these pieces fitting together to overwhelm—and not merely defeat—any enemy or any threat, be they real or unlikely, or even imaginary. (For the American military’s hunt for imaginary threats, look up Iraqi WMD.)

Of course, a child can realize that “full spectrum dominance” is essentially brawns over brains: The only way you can achieve it is by sacrificing ingenuity, imagination, flexibility and common sense at the altar of Bigness.

The other obvious flaw of “full spectrum dominance” (such a creepily S&M-sounding phrase, redolent of nasty sex-clubs in lower Manhattan) is by throwing money at the “battlespace”—endless amounts of money. Neverending amounts of money. And nevermind where the money for this is coming from.

Having a military that mindlessly embarks on a “full spectrum dominance” doctine is the surest route to bankruptcy. It also sidesteps the key issue:

What is this awesome—literally “awe-inspiring”—military supposed to be protecting?

• Is this awe-inspiring military supposed to be protecting a rich and shining country?

The United States Federal government has a total debt of over 100% of the nation’s GDP, and is consistently running deficits of over 11% year after year—unsustainable levels of debt.

There are huge swathes of America where the cities are rusting rotting hulks: Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland. The are contests judging the best pictures of this decay.

There are places in America—a truly shocking amount—where asphalt roads are being torn up, and replaced with gravel—because it’s cheaper to maintain.

According to the Federal government’s own figures, 44.7 million Americans depend on Food Stamps.

So much for protecting a rich and shining country.

• Is this awe-inspiring military supposed to be protecting a healthy, strong people?

Americans are the most obese people on earth—literally. Estimates put the number of obese and seriously overweight pre-pubescent children at 40%—forty percent of children are obese!—while among adults, it’s close to 60%.

8.3% of Americans have diabetes—a rate four times the rest of the world, a gap ascribed mostly to Americans having poor diets, and being ignorant of healthier habits.

According to the Pentagon, 35% of Americans aged 17 to 24 are unfit to serve in the military because of medical or health-related issues, primarily obesity.

20 million prescriptions for antidepressants were written in 2009, the last year with complete data.

So much for a healthy, strong people.

• Is this awe-inspiring military supposed to be protecting an educated, creative people?

According to the Education Department, 15% of the adult U.S. population cannot read.

23% of applicants to the military cannot pass its entrance exam.

‘Nuff said.

• Is this awe-inspiring military supposed to be protecting a cherished political system?

As anyone with even a casual knowledge of American politics can attest, the degree of corruption in the system is unprecedented.

When I wrote about how former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff went to shill for the company responsible for the full body scanners at airports, nobody was particularly surprised: The revolving door between government and private corporations spins faster than a jet engine

(BTW, my Chertoff piece got me assigned my very own Homeland Security agent. Not a very capable DHS agent, I might add: He posed as a fan—but then made a trivial blunder that made me realize who he really was. But I can’t help but admit: It’s flattering to have my very own DHS agent monitoring me. Outrageous, despicable, and disgusting, sure: But flattering too. After all, it’s what every writer wants: To write things that scare power.)

The American political establishment goes on and on about democracy, human rights, dignity, self-determination, blah-blah-blah—but then goes and orders the torturing of patently innocent people, the crushing of democratic aspirations around the world, all so as to protect their corporate masters.

It’s no secret that the American political establishment is the best political establishment that corporate money could buy—and it serves those corporate interests well. Why, even the Supreme Court licks the corporate boot that kicks it in line.

• Is this awe-inspiring military supposed to be protecting the sacred rights of the people?

What rights? The people in America have no rights.

If FDR’s Four Freedoms is the template for rights and freedoms—freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of worship and freedom of speech—then Americans have none of them.

Freedom from fear? Every American knows to fear the police, as well as any member of governmental authority: You can be targeted by the police for merely watching them give out a speeding ticket—or as in my case, targeted for writing about public information critical of a former government official.

And if you are fool enough to carry out your moral duty and blow the whistle on government malfeasance—like Bradley Manning did—you get a windowless cell effectively forever, with no possibility of redress, no possibility of seeing your family or friends, no possibility of seeing your lawyer, no possibility even of a trial: Just locked away indefinitely.

Freedom from want? Ask those 45 million people on Food Stamps.

Freedom of worship? Ask Muslim Americans how they’re doing.

Freedom of Speech? Right: Notice how there’s no news coming out of the flooded Fort Calhoun nuclear plant just outside of Omaha, Nebraska. According to foreign news sources, it’s because the Obama Administration has declared a news blackout

So much for protecting “the freest country on earth”.

• Is this awe-inspiring military supposed to be protecting the opportunities of the people?

What opportunities?

Ask a 53-year old laid-off worker—white-collar or blue—what opportunities he has to look forward to, as he stares at the yawning chasm between 53 and 65, when he can start collecting his Social Security check.

Ask a recent college grad from a respectable but third-tier university, saddled with $100,000 in debt—a debt that cannot be rescinded even in the case of personal bankruptcy. Ask her what opportunities she has to look forward to, as she looks and looks for a job, finally finding one—miracle of miracles!—at minimum wage as a data processor. (Mind-numbing, yes—but hey, at least she might be able to save enough to afford to move out of Mom and Dad's house to a place of her own.)

• Is this awe-inspiring military making the world love us?

No—in fact, they hate us now more than ever. Don’t believe me? Go to any street corner in any country on earth, and say to the first passing stranger, “I’m an American.” Go ahead—I dare you. I double dare you.

Currently, the American military’s budget is $700 billion a year—not including the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is more than the entire military budgets of all other countries on earth combined. The total costs of the so-called Global War on Terror—including the off-books costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and occupations—come to some $5,700,000,000,000, according to some credible research ($5.7 trillion, if you are confused by all the zeros). That amount is equivalent to the gross domestic product of China.

A great deal of this massive expenditure is for weapons that serve no purpose, and strategies and doctrines that have been superceded by a changed reality.

To take a single example: An intercontinental ballistic missile submarine costs several billion dollars—yet it serves no purpose now that the Cold War is over and the likelihood of an overwhelming surprise nuclear attack from either China or Russia is literally non-existent. Yet those great white elephants of the sea still slink around, for no discernible purpose except pride.

Pride is what is sinking America. Pride—arrogance—vanity—hubris—conceit: Call it what you will, it’s still the same thing.

Arrogance, strictly defined, is “an exagerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities”.

In the peculiar American reality we are living in, the leadership of this country is guilty of the most colossal arrogance—no question.

But the people of America—us—are guilty of a strange sort of arrogance as well: It is not the arrogance of the sort that exagerates our own sense of self-importance or abilities.

Rather, it is the arrogance that exagerates our own sense of self-worth—and from this exagerated sense of self-worth, demands exagerated protection.

Hence we timidly strap on helmets, elbow pads and knee pads when we ride a bicycle to the corner store—terrified we might fall and scrape our precious fat bodies—while we listen to news of American soldiers torturing and killing innocent foreigners without batting an eyelid.

Hence we meekly surrender our dignity and civil rights in the face of any governmental officer, any representative of Authority.

Hence we demand more and more “protection from an unsafe world”, without ever realizing that—insofar as the rest of the world is concerned—we are the danger, we are the threat.

We as a people are so frightened of not merely death but of any sort of damage to our person or property—no matter how minor or trivial—that we have allowed our country to rot and decay, while expecting—demanding—that our military and security apparatus protect us from absolutely everything and anything, no matter how trivial, unlikely, or outright imaginary.

This is how we have achieved Full Spectrum Decay: In our arrogant conceit that we must be protected from anything and everything, we have surrendered all the things that mattered about America. The massive defense and security apparatus we have built to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance indeed does its job:

It fully and completely protects us, while we slowly rot inside our impenetrable shell.

If you are interested, do check out the preview page of The Strategic Planning Group, and see what it’s about.


  1. "In the peculiar American reality we are living in"

    Is that a United States resident in your pocket or are you just relating what's being said at the local Chileno expat hangout? You know I love your stuff but this feels like you are giving the Mish or Ackerman treatment to a whole nation. Broad brush strokes tend to paint the wielder worse than the subject.

    Also, stop outing my DHS Agent status!!


  2. Security is no laughing matter...

  3. People have always dismissed and underestimated America and Americans, from the beginning, and they have always been wrong.

  4. Absolutely spot on. 100%. But not to worry, soon this disequalibrium will go away. Babylon will have it's day in court once more.

  5. Well, here I am living in a Muslim country still working at retirement age. Primarily due to the fact that social security barely pays property taxes back in the states let alone trying to pay for food or heating bills during the lovely global warming winters I have moved over seas. No I am not afraid to say I am an American. These people are extremely welcoming and aside from a few merchants who will occasionally try to cheat a foreigner everything is quite comfortable here. I do worry about my children and grand children back in the states dealing with the implosion of Amerikan society. Presently my kids all have decent jobs and at least temporary security . The folks here appreciate my 50+years of experience in a field they have only rudimentary knowledge in so I have respect and a comfortable wage here by their standards. I would say that I am more concerned here with the exaggerated CIA presence( some 40% of embassy employees ) if estimates are correct. We already know of their destabilizing influences upon any country that they deem the slightest anti Israel in national sentiment so thre is always a possible danger of political machinations. At present I am more concerned that this country will let farmers grow GMO crops. At present we only find a very few veggies that look too uniform to be natural so we can avoid them. With the exception of worry about the well being of my family back in the states I am quite content to watch the slow motion destruction of the evil empire from this distance. As a Native American historian I have always known that any nation born in Genocide , will turn that genocide against it's own at some point. That time is approaching quickly.

  6. Hail obama! Hail hitlary!

  7. If our military is so awful, why does the rest of the world beg for our help? I WILL ask the Muslim American women how they are faring, I'm certain it's MUCH better than in their homeland where they can be stoned for stepping foot outside their home without a male present and are forbidden from driving cars. Ask the women in Egypt how they like the new "democracy" complete with "virginity" checks. I know Sharia law is so protective of women, right? Actually, I believe they are considered of less value than farm animals in the gloriously liberated Middle East.

    Oh and don't worry about us all being so FAT - I'm sure that will rapidly be resolved.

    Did you take your "bitter" pill this morning? So, what beautiful country should we strive to be like? Chile?

  8. Far be it for me to have to speak up and defend GL. He is (I am certain) well prepared for inane and blatantly defensive opinions and outbursts.

    Obviously the truth really hurts (and some believe hits below the belt too). But truth it is nonetheless. We are as becoming as hollowed-out as Rome.

  9. "we have allowed our country to rot and decay, while expecting—demanding—that our military and security apparatus protect us from absolutely everything and anything, no matter how trivial, unlikely, or outright imaginary."

    It seems GL has fallen for MSM propaganda big time. "We" did not ask the US Govt. to invade Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. "We" have no influence at all on what the US Govt does. 99% of Americans were against TARP, yet "our representatives" voted for it. "We" elected the presidential candidate that promised to close GITMO and bring the troops home from Dubya's wars of aggression. "We" are starting to realize that "They" don't are lying to us about everything and blaming us for what "They" do.

  10. I agree with GL. I am currently living in Switzerland, a true democracy. One, I might add, still with Universal Service. Universal Service is one of the things that keeps freedom healthy and alive. We got rid of that in the 60's, IIRC.

    This is not just the work of a single party, GW Bush created DHS and the TSA, with the full cooperation of the Democrats. He also created the infrastructure that supports Guantanamo and the legal fictions of Extraordinary Rendition.

    Bush was a master of ignoring the Constitution until just before the Supremes were ready to unload on him. He was the worst actor we've ever had in the Whitehouse. This is a Republican saying that.

    I fear for my daughter, still living in California. I am a 57 year old engineer and have no chance there of finding work because I am a Type II diabetic that has already had their first stroke. Even the Employer's Health Insurance won't cover me and I've been turned down by every Insurance company in the US, regardless of price. I make it on booksales, independent software contracts, and entrepeneurism (even harder than it sounds, in Europe).

    Two more years and I can apply for Swiss citizenship and I will do so without hesitation.

    Most of the negative commenters here today have obviously no clue on what really goes on outside of the borders. Although, in honesty, things are a lot more anti-American in Latin America than they are here in Europe.

    I also write for http://TheRedPub.Com and from comments there, the LA Times, and elsewhere, most Americans don't even know what is in the US Constitution, let alone are willing or able to defend it. Most haven't read it even once and Civics hasn't been on the required curriculum, at any level, for over 40 years! It used to be required for a High School diploma.

    The term 'Gone to seed' applies to the US, in spades.

  11. Sorry but "nasty sex clubs" no longer exist in lower Manhattan. The authors imagination is very ripe. Something very wicked & not of this Earth is on it's way....& the Elites are in a scramble to survive. More so you should ask - what kind of Embassy cost 500 billion USD - the price of the US Embassy in Afghanistan. Also carefully watch "Deep Impact" and you get the breath and scope of what the US Military is preparing for unfortunately the vast majority of humanity will be left to die. Thats why they don't care about pollution, oil spills, Fukushima radiation, ecological degradation.......they are preparing for a genetic immortality - Ha! how Vampiric........activate your 12th strand DNA........they have already started to cannibalize themselves see Brooklyn Kid murdered! peace.

  12. Spot on! But don't let fear overcome you, bro!!!
    Reality is where you find love :-)
    The implosion will do its job.
    Your other DHS agent. Cause it`s never enough!

  13. My first reaction is reading GL's post was, in his lingo, "Fuck you GL, you ingrate expat".
    But that would just be "shooting the messenger".
    He is correct, we have some serious problems in the US, and we need to fix them.

  14. Gonzalo, It's a naked truth what you're saying. All this "Brainwashing" and government-propaganda is a doctrine born in universities.
    Lets not forget that this is a country that have a deficit of intellectuals and a glut of ignorance were government take its advatage to separate the "Average-Joe's" into political afilliations with the atrophy of materialism and individualism [America worst enemy]

    In short: each people have the government they deserve

  15. Looks like Dmitry Orlov will be proved correct, as it seems no one listen to President Eisenhower's farewell warning.

  16. More Maypo please!

  17. Your approach of relating two orthogonal issues is rather silly. Because of various economic/societal decay, we should not defend our country, people and way of life?

    "Full spectrum dominance" is a modern version of "overwhelming force", which judging from history is the best way to minimize the death and destruction cause in military action (versus balanced warfare like WWI trench warfare). To assume that the US is not under attack is a grand display of ignorance. Look at the rising cyber-attacks largely emanating out of China. FSD also does not necessarily mean bigger, it means better. That may mean shifting to smaller/faster/more lethal/cheaper drones as opposed to investing in more aircraft carriers. I suggest you stick to economic issues, an area where you can provide a modicum of insight or distillation of the insight of others.

  18. Bien dicho bicho.

    Pero, de donde sale diciendo "us"? Loco, eres más chileno que los porotos.

    Pero el artículo es preciso, me cagué de la risa

  19. Now, people like Lyndon LaRouche and Alex Jones don't look as Kaaa---RRRaaa---zzzeee! as this corrupt system would have us believe. is reporting that the dire warnings and panic mongering surrounding lifting the debt ceiling by Bernanke and Obama (and Giuliani for that matter) etc, is all about transferring what's left of our wealth and sovereignty to the smouldering heap that is Europe. That's where most of QE II went to via US domestic branches of European banks that was funneled back.

    In other words, the Oligarchy needs us to behave, raise the debt ceiling and get QE III rolling, or else as Paulsen once warned "there may be martial law" and blood in the streets.

    "You are the Resistance!"

  20. GL speaks a great deal of truth. But writing the piece still takes a great deal of courage in today's America. The 'America is the greatest country in the world' crowd is still very substantial. Take away their American Exceptionism arrogance and they crumbles into dust.

    The combination of arrogance, hubris with pervasive ignorance on a national scale is historical, but by no means unique to the USA. History teaches us that this is almost always due to powerful people convinced that their power comes from God. Religious fundamentalism plays a crucial role.

    I look forward to GL writing something about the role of religion plays in America going down the full spectrum gutter.

  21. Very good post. I'm an American living with my family now in another country and will be eligible for citizenship in a bit over a year. We will take it without hesitation. Pretty much everything you said is true. Very hard to leave, but I'll most likely never set foot in America again, unless things change which I'm not expecting...why deal with DHA and TSA? I refuse to do it. One of the commentators is correct. People vote for change and get continuity times ten. Forget it.

    When any country thinks itself to be the "indispensable" country, and the people to be the "exceptional" people, bad things always happen. It's risky being American. Too many historical examples of this sort of thing and what happens.

    GL, one thing: Yes, do wear the bike helmet and gloves even to the store down the block. The danger is to your BRAIN - not your scraped knee. Get on the bike and somehow fall to the pavement or driveway and the distance of the fall from even a stationary bike is enough to do damage to the brain.

  22. Great post, GL.

    @slamlander: I lived in CH for 11 years. Nice country, but the German speaking part is slowly turning police state. I can recommend the Romandie (French speaking part) however.
    As I'm pretty sure you are aware of, if you get the Swiss citizenship, you will loose your US one.

  23. As a new father of my 4th child I recently enquired how much parental leave I would be entitled to, it was a shock to learn that the USA is the only country in the entire World that does NOT have some parental leave benefit, hell, even countries such as the Congo have some benefits!!

    Quite shocking...

    And dont even get me started on all the other stuff GL has quite rightly commented on.

  24. Very precise and adept description of America. to a tee. sad, really sad. to see America "conned" and broken.

    i really enjoy your blog.

  25. P.E. Hansen (DK)July 16, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    When I saw George W. Bush stand on an aircraft carrier after 9/11 and declare a crusade against terrorism, and that I had to be either with you or against you, that pretty much made up my mind about the U.S. of A. And after Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, it just made my choice so much easier. But lucky me I don't have to do anything, americans are slowly but surely destroying themselves. I sincerely hope you can fix it, but I doubt it is possible. So I will sit back and watch America spin into destruction and oblivion. Hugs from Denmark.

  26. I left the US to go to Canada 23 years ago, and haven't regretted it. In these 2 decades, I've watched the US slowly drift into the economic reefs of debt. The Bush presidency was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen, and I used to be a rock ribbed republican voter. I've taken out Canadian citizenship, and no longer worry about my health care costs bankrupting me or my family. I have not renounced my US citizenship, since I don't care to stick my neck out to bring myself to the attention of the border patrol. So I have to carry 2 passports (US & Canadian) when visiting the US. I've gotten my retirement fund in order with my RRSP, investing in high yield Canadian stocks, and holding physical silver (bars & silver maple leafs). Tough times are coming, and Canada looks like a decent place to whether the storm. My oldest son is entering university this fall, and the tuition bill makes me smile, only $5K/year!
    Ex-pat in Canada

  27. Arguably the alternative to this would be defeat. Are you advocating for defeat? What do you think would happen in your country and other countries of this world if China and Russia had a free hand???

  28. Ignorance is no virtue, and stupid will never change TRUE...If God was telling the Truth to Abraham, shouldn't America be overflowing with Blessings ? Obviously the "BEARING FALSE WITNESS" TERRORISTS OCCUPYING Palestine...have a lot to answer for to the proselytes of their stool sculpture deity cult...whew...I made it, without using the "J" word that causes an unbelievable amount of conditioned response by zionazi psychozoids....willing to raise the debt limit to enable more full spectrum dominance by PSYCHOPATHIC um bloated parasites....that print currency & Own the LIE FACTORY & run a crack house in D.C...good on you, GL.

  29. Hey GL; Let it all out. Nothing happens without a few brave souls standing up and telling it like it is. This description of what America has become is really just the evolution of a lost soul. Just think of America as a living breathing being and how imaginary fear turns that being into a lost and confused soul. If ones identity is solely focused on the temporal form then of course one will do all manner of depravity to maintain that form. What is lost in this fear based view of life is ones true identity, which is ultimately the reality of consciousness. We do not want to take responsibility for our real selves. We want only the responsibility of the external self. But as we have seen throughout history this unnatural obsession leads to ignorance and destruction.

    Mans real quest in this temporal world is to seek out and meet the real self. Don't poo poo this statement. Really think about it. The mis-identification of our real selves is actually the cause of ALL problems in this world. It is the cause of all religious wars, it is the cause of racism, it is the cause of all unnatural greed, it is the very cause of fear. If we just Bill Hicks once said......that we are all conscious beings, eternal, life is just a game, we have a connection with a higher reality, our consciousness is connected with all conscious beings(man and animal), and that all attempts at controlling that which can not be controlled will end in failure.

    To thine own self be true. Find out who you really are. You are not male, female, black, white, Muslim, Christian, republican, democrat, young, old, big, small, strong, weak, American, German, Canadian etc. You are pure eternal consciousness. Now that is real freedom. There is no fear in that realm. Nothing can take that from you. Nothing. Peace.


  30. Nobody except dictators wants US military in their country. Stay in the goddamned USA and kill yourselves. The world is sick of your evil.

  31. Well, excuse me, but what the U.S. is scared to death of, is the "Enemy WIthin."

    You know that in the Indonesia Dec. 26 the Earth rang like a bell?

    And again in the Japan 9.1 Quake, the Earth rang like a bell, AGAIN!

    That's not my imagination, it's scientific findings.

    A metal bell rings and echoes because there's an empty space inside; if it were solid, there would only be a thunk sound.

    Now, why would a planet ring like a bell?

    Well, the thing is that there are Advanced Civilizations therein, Spiritually Advanced, or they would have conquered us already.

    But their huge Ships go in and out of the Andes, the Himalayas, the oceans, etc.

    However, these People- Humans like us - cannot be mastered, not by the U.S.- THAT'S why the gov here, is scared to death of them. Because anything that the U.S. cannot master, they're scared of. The gov. calls them: "The Enemy Within"

    That's why the U.S. is pushing us, the Human Brothers of these Inner People, to fear them.


  32. Of course, Gonzalo Lira, you are absolutely correct - people get the government they deserve. The TBTF Banksters, Oil Magnates, Weapons Manufacturers, and Multinational Corporate Owners OWN the U.S. Government now, via AIPAC, and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and, they are using American tax-payer money to subsidize themselves (ie, the banks and corporations)- at Americans' expense - with a 'Baby-Boomer generation now retiring, and demographically, in the U.S. - a lower birth-rate, meaning - Who is going to pay the retirement benefits of the 'Baby-Boomers'? I was born in the early 60's - in 20 years, there'll be NOTHING for me, for retirement - certainly no 'Social Security' - hell, I'm already living at a relative's house!

  33. Dear Mr. Shand:
    Just listen to yourself: "... how much parental leave I would be ENTITLED to ..."
    Your entitlement mentality is typical of what is wrong with the US.

  34. Dear Canadian Anonymous:
    You state: "... I've taken out Canadian citizenship, and no longer worry about my health care costs bankrupting me or my family"
    Nothing is free, some other Canadian is paying for your health cost.
    Again the "entitlement mentality".
    Besides Canada is basically a US colony.
    We haven't invaded you because that way is cheaper to get your natural resources, like minerals and oil.
    The only reason that China, Russia or boy scouts from Haiti haven't invaded you is because the US protects you.
    What a bunch of crap!
    If the US fails you are going down the toilet with us.

  35. GL, I encourage everyone, Americans, and everyone around the planet, to understand, that Americans have been COMPLETELY DUPED by the European Central Bankers, Oil, and Weapons Corporations, and THEIR puppets in the District of Corruption, and THEIR MSM - also, remember that the Rothschilds are behind the creation of the State of Israel, in 1948, as well as behind AIPAC, and the CFR (which control the US gov't), effectively ripping-off the American population, to subsidize banks and the status quo:

    Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People

  36. What went wrong in America? Who is to blame, exactly, for what went wrong in America? These questions are answered, definitively, in the following book (also, the author totally reveals America's Secret Government - the REAL ENEMY WITHIN):

    Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People

  37. "Dear Mr. Shand:
    Just listen to yourself: "... how much parental leave I would be ENTITLED to ..."
    Your entitlement mentality is typical of what is wrong with the US."

    Exactly! How dare someone want to spend time with their newborn! They should be working all the time!

  38. What can Americans do to fight the New World Order?

    1. Turn off or throw away your T.V.
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’
    4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!
    5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit cards and credit cards
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals –especially silver.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm, to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products “Made in America"
    11. Start your own garden
    13. Meditate or pray - reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book recommendation: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or other alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki
    (can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’book,entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men,Jackals,And How To Change The World),pp. 322-329.

    (Instead,jog,meditate,read,or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY –if there is something you must have,purchase items whose packaging,ingredients,and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    Write letters telling Monsanto,De Beers,ExxonMobil,Adidas,Ford,GE,Coca-Cola,WALMART,and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers
    why you refuse to purchase from them.
    DOWNSIZE (your car,home,wardrobe) –everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need) SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits,radio stations,and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers,producers,and suppliers.
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money –banks,pensions,mutual funds,companies –make socially and environmentally responsible investments.”
    21. Invest in precious metals (especially silver).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’–a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES - 1) Water, 2) Food, 3) Vital Medicine 4) Gun/Ammo, etc.
    27. Global,non-violent,NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer,of We the Plebs,to the ‘elite’New World Order!
    28. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up,to entrap you in THEIR system.
    29. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes,in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    30. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    31. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    32. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’society

    Expand the above list,and share it with everyone you know!

  39. The Ultimate Goal of the Bankster-led Political-economic Warfare Being Waged Against Us Is . . . ?

  40. THIS article has more truth in it, than 10,000 other articles you'll likely come across - except, that they didn't mention DE-POPULATION (one of the other stated goals of the 'elite')...

    The Ultimate Goal of the Bankster-led Political-economic Warfare Being Waged Against Us Is . . . ?

  41. U2 tellin' us what to invest in - before the music stops:

  42. What's With Social Security?
    Saturday, July 16, 2011 – by Tibor Machan

    Not only are the TBTF Banksters bailing themselves out (via the US gov't) using FUTURE American taxpayer $$ - they are also already dipping into the Social Security funds of currently, and soon-to-be retired 'Baby Boomers' - this is an ALL-OUT WAR, on Americans, by the European Central Bankers, and their allies, on Wall St...

  43. Not only are they bailing themselves out (the central bankers) using FUTURE American taxpayer labor and money - essentially bankrupting future generations of Americans - in advance - since the 'debt' can never be repaid - they are also just SITTING ON the $1.6 TRILLION in liquidity, that used to be used to provide loans to businesses, that provide jobs !!!!

    Why Banks Aren't Lending: The Silent Liquidity Squeeze

  44. THESE are the same 'globalist' bankers that already sent EXISTING jobs - OVERSEAS !!!!

  45. Dear Anonymous defending Mr. Shand:
    Spend as much time as you want with your child.
    Just don't expect someone else to pay for it.
    What is it that you, and all the other freeloaders, don't get about, well, freeloading?
    Forming groups in a democracy to steal from other groups is, well, stealing.

  46. Dear Ebag

    You’re missing the point. The USA spends the money it collects from tax payers on programs that have are no benefit to its citizens. As GL quite rightly stated, the US is paying $700B of its citizen’s money on arms (war) and to spend more than the whole World combined is absurd.

    Education, Healthcare, Childcare, are all deficient in the USA if you are working class, as most Americans are.

    Now we have the US government telling people who have paid into social security all their lives that they may not get their checks if an agreement is not reached to send the USA further into debt.

    Supposedly, the USA is the richest country in the World, but is just over 2 weeks away from not being able to pay the very same people who have fought for their country.

    The USA should be ashamed that every other country on planet Earth has some kind of parental leave benefit, but the USA has NOTHING, because it spends taxpayer money on more important projects than promoting good healthcare, spending more time with your family, better education, is this what the American Dream was supposed to be??



    Life Expectancy:

  47. Dear Mr. Shand:
    If the entire Defense Department budget was cut, i.e. $700 Billion it would leave the US with a, mere, $1,000 Billion yearly deficit.
    Social Security is the equivalent of the Bernie Madoff scam.
    The Social Security "Trust Fund" has been, literally, stolen.
    The insatiable appetite of the US population for entitlements, specially from the so called "baby boomers", is the root cause of our problems.
    The financial enablers for this lunacy is fiat money, fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve.
    If you are depending on Social Security for your retirement you are screwed.

  48. I believe this article to be a fair assessment of the state of affairs of this once great nation.

    Ultimately, I felt it was over when the local, state, and federal governments started being referred to as "they" in a rightfully derogatory manner.

    Great recession? Greater Depression? Meaningless terms. Welcome to the GREAT DECLINE, folks - it is here and it is real.

    Beware the federale fiat dollar!

  49. Ebag,

    We Canadians love it up here. Canadians don't mind paying for other peoples' health care. The Canadian Health Care system costs half what yours costs per person, we live longer, are healthier, and we cover everyone, while you guys let 48000 people a year die because they're not covered. Canadians are proud of their system, and single payer universal health care is the national institution Canadians feel most characterizes their country, Canada. When polled, the person who was most responsible for enacting Canadian health care was considered by Canadians to be the greatest Canadian ever. We have the highest level of education among young adults in the world, score much higher than your kids do in achievement tests, have a solvent banking system - do I need to continue? And we do that because we spend what is necessary, but not more, on our "human development" which is among the highest in the world. We're rising while you are sinking. And we don't go insane when somebody wants to build a mosque somewhere - see the hit CBC show "Little Mosque on the Prairie" which shows we have a much higher level of social cohesion than you guys do. That's a strength, eh?

    This is all something that I'm sure you find impossible to comprehend. And that's OK. Because of socially greedy and ignorant people like you, a once great country is sinking into the mud and has become the laughing stock of the world. And trust me, that breaks my heart more than you can know.

    Oh, and don't try to invade us. The last time you tried that by starting a war,(1812), we kicked your ass, burned down your capitol, and laughed as your "president" ran into the woods to save his skin.

    It's good to be Canadian.

  50. Mr Ebag,

    There is no point insulting you for insulting us Canadians. Because playing it nice and cool is the Canadian way; kick ass bully bomb this and crash that is the classic American way.

    Rest assured that now that the great 'Manifest Destiny' empire is going down, there are many, very many in the world who will want to see a reckoning for all the kick-ass you did to them for decades. So we in Canada has no need to play nasty.

    With that intro out of the way, let me respond to your post insulting the Canadian people unprovoked:

    "Again the "entitlement mentality"." -- We have been roasted for decades by the likes of you Yanks about our 'socialism', 'entitlement'. We ignored you guys and you were pissed. Because what we do is we like to share a bit more than you guys, which is all about self-gratification. We pay for everything, mind you, with our hard earned tax. Is getting what you paid for entitlement? But we don't go print or borrow a few trillion dollars like you fine capitalists and no-free-lunchers. Are you enjoying your Wall Street socialism for the rich superiority?

    "Besides Canada is basically a US colony." - Ha ha! There are about 50 million Americans with felony records who if enter the border will be turned away by Canadian border guards. Simply for having such a record. Some colony! But I am beginning to worry about the few million US economic refugees coming our way. Kinda make me feel like there is a Canadian colony down south.

    "We haven't invaded you because that way is cheaper to get your natural resources, like minerals and oil." -- Well then I do invite you to invade Canada and just take everything 'for free'. Surely with such a superpower military it will be a cinch. Of course, like Iraq there might be a few tiny little problems. Such an action, quite illegal of course, will cause the US to be kicked out of the UN, out of NATO, out of NAFTA, out of NAD, out of WTO, out of US-Australia Defense Treaty (both Canada & Australia has the same UK sovereign), will trigger war between UK and US, or NATO members and US, not to mention will cause a civil war in the US starting with Florida. Oh yes, did I mention oil embargo from OPEC and Canada? Look, maybe its easier and more fun to start a war with the state of Hawaii, who will most likely secede first. The Queen of Hawaii is making noise you know.

    "The only reason that China, Russia or boy scouts from Haiti haven't invaded you is because the US protects you." -- Yes this talk is longstanding in the American 'policeman of the world' mindset. But have you asked yourself who protected you Yanks when you mess with the world? Who did you go to with just about every operation, every initiative, and when stuck in the mud? Where would you be without Canada on your side? Starting from D-Day? Now there is no need to talk big world business. Just do what GL asked - go stand in any corner anywhere around the world and yell to a stranger "I am American!". You will be beaten up like a cockroach if there weren't a Canadian jump in and bail you out.

    "If the US fails you are going down the toilet with us." -- I guess we shall find out won't we? So far we came out of your 2008 Lehman Moment looking mighty pretty. Our economy is firing on all cylinders, more than fully recovered. Our banks and housing in fine shape. We have half a dozen trade deals, going to sign a big one next year with the EU, and is establishing enhanced trade with India & China. I short, we are diversifying big time. It's about time, thanks to guys like you. Get my drift?

  51. Dear Ebag

    The budget for defense in the USA and for everything else is way out of proportion, for instance, the budget for Canadian defense was $21.8 Billion in 2010-11

    So even if the USA was to decide to be double that they would still be potentially ahead.

    However, I would hazard a guess that if the USA were to consider an invasion of Canada, they would get such an ass whipping it would be unreal.

    And what is the point of this explanation, well if a country like Canada are able to defend there country, and spend the money saved on useful programs that promote social well being for all its citizens, then why cant the USA.

    In the USA its all about money, as an example, my wife needed a walker to aid her around the house after having a child, she has a temporary bad back, the hospital are able to supply one through a 3rd party provider. She needed insurance approval for this walker, which took 3 days to approve, the daily cost for this item was billed at $20.95 per day.

    To give you an idea of what we are talking about, you can see the item at the below link:

    This is where the problems arise with your whole system, the cost to provise this simple item cost more than to mhire a fucking car.

    At this rate the USA is truly screwed.

  52. As a witness of collapse of the USSR I'd like to share some thoughts. It was not the American army who destroyed the USSR. It was the unsustainable economy that wasn't able to survive without constant injections of foreign money. The immediate cause of collapse was reduced inflow of money due to low oil prices in 80's. The other cause was critical dependence on this money. And that was because the Soviet economy didn't produce enough food and what Soviet government totally ignored but it was actually very important, Soviet industry didn't produce small things like jeans or modern household electronics. For the Soviet government these things looked as unimportant garbage, missiles and submarines looked as things of huge importance. However, the country was destroyed because it didn't produce enough of its own food, jeans, and VCR's, and as a result had negative trade balance and was forced to borrow money from the very enemies the missiles and submarines were built to fight against.
    You want to make Chinese government live in a nightmare? Make "Made in the USA jeans, T-shirts, and DVD players". China will be crashed by this, and they will forget about any expansion plans as their own country will be in trouble. You want to make Russians worry? Increase your own oil and natural gas production. Sell your natural gas at competitive prices to countries currently buying it from Russia. That will be a nightmare for Russian government. And by the way it will be beneficial for Russia too as it will finally need to learn how to make jeans and DVD players and not to exchange them for oil. Continue laughing at jeans and VCR's- and you will lose to China no matter how big your military is. Continue importing oil- and you will eventually lose to Russia too.

  53. Dear Mr. Shand:
    "... the budget for Canadian defense was $21.8 Billion in 2010-11".
    That kind of says it all.
    The reason that you can sit around eating cookies, drinking tea and gloating about your socialist society is that the US defends you.
    Boy scouts from any country would overwhelm your "armies" in about 24 hours.
    If you learned anything in "International Relations 101" you would know that among nations the only thing that matters is 1) Mutual interests and 2) Balance of power.
    For the moment mutual interests does it between Canada and the US.
    Pray that it stays that way.
    Incidentally, I love your country and have many friends from Canada.
    But reality is reality.

  54. Ebag wrote:

    ”The reason that you [ie. Canadians] can sit around eating cookies, drinking tea and gloating about your socialist society is that the US defends you.”

    To this statement, I would ask the obvious question: The U.S. protects Canada from what, exactly?

  55. GL, please watch Ken Burns, The War. 50,000,000 people died in six years. Compare that to 1945-2011. We keep world peace.

  56. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on getting your very OWN DHS Agent! I used to have one myself, but I forgot to feed it and it died. We all cried as we gathered round the toilet bowl to bid it our final farewells. I'm looking forward to my NEXT one and plan to teach it to fetch, sit and roll over on command.

  57. Ebag

    Who needs enemys when you have a military like this:

    1st Gulf War

    During the Battle of Khafji, 11 American Marines were killed in two major incidents when their light armored vehicles (LAV's) were hit by American missiles fired by a USAF A-10.

    An American AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter fired upon US Army Bradley Fighting Vehicles during night operations, killing several US Army soldiers.

    An American A-10 during Operation Desert Storm attacked British Warrior MICVs resulting in nine British dead and numerous casualties.

    During the Battle of Phase Line Bullet, American M1 Abrams tanks in the rear fired in support of American troops facing dug-in Iraqi troops. American Infantry Fighting Vehicles were hit by fire from the tanks, resulting in two casualties.

    Several friendly fire incidents took place during the Battle of 73 Easting, wounding 57 American soldiers, but causing no fatalities.

    One American soldier was killed by friendly fire during the Battle of Medina Ridge.

    A large number of friendly fire incidents took place during the Battle of Norfolk, resulting in 5 American casualties.
    In the 1994 Black Hawk shootdown incident, two U.S. Air Force F-15Cs involved with Operation Provide Comfort shot down two U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawks over northern Iraq, killing 29 military and civilian personnel.

    I was in the 1st Gulf war, and we lost more soldiers to US combat efforts than we did to the real enemy.

    Therefore, the questions remains, who are you protecting exactly??

  58. There's ANOTHER major problem that's seldom mentioned in the American media; low-life Section 8 BLACK PEOPLE moving into previously NICE neighborhoods on a MASSIVE SCALE, bringing with them crime & poverty. Chicago and other cities are also seeing an alarming rise in FLASH MOBS of black youths who gather together by the dozens/hundreds to commit robberies and other crimes.

  59. Iraq

    "La consigna es crear uno, dos, MUCHOS Vietnam!"

    Tarea CUMPLIDA!!! Hasta la victoria, siempre!

  60. @GL,

    Suddenly I realize Canada should double defense budget to $50B.

    To protect us.

    From America!

    B2 bombers coming our way? No. We need to put up a border security fence just like those bordering Mexico in TX, AZ & CA.

  61. congratulations, you made it on
    propaganda for iran.

  62. Americans are terrified about "What would happen if we don't have overwhelming force and destroy the enemy even as he is yet to think about attacking us"!

    Let me assure you. Thats because many Americans have not even left their state to visit the other states - leave alone visiting other countries! There was a time when almost every other people looked up to America and what they have achieved. Today, almost everyone uniformly hates them for what they have ALLOWED themselves to become.

    This is my advice to Americans before its too late ...

    Scrap the military. Keep a small force for defence alone (your nukes will deter anyone anyway). Pay down ALL your debt. Re-create the humans you used to be. Become the leaders that you once were. Treat others with respect and deal with them fairly ...

    You will find that, much sooner than you think, much of the world will respect you again. Once you are the friend to the world, why would you need "overwhelming force"?

    You are your greatest enemy!!!

  63. I have enjoyed your communications but with this post you have outdone yourself and ripped the scab right off the lie that is America in the grips of end-stage gangster capitalism — endless amounts of money. Neverending amounts of money. And nevermind where the money for this is coming from.

    I want you to know that content aside - I can taste the delicious joy in the very structure of your post - it reads like it wrote itself - the mark of all great writing.

    Great Work Gonzalo and as sad as the the truth of what you write makes me - I agree that this is an accurate reflection of where we are and what we the people have allowed ourselves to become. I am afraid not that we will remain distracted witnesses to our own evisceration but rather that we will turn on each other as TPTB pull all the "money" (for "money" read "anything of value") from the table before locking the "useless eaters" inside the crashing pyramid scheme of broken social contracts and promises

  64. Dear GL:

    To this statement, I would ask the obvious question: The U.S. protects Canada from what, exactly?

    Canada is a country with a wealth of natural resources.

    Just as China was in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

    China's weakness at that time attracted more powerful nations to "nibble" and progressively exploit more of China.

    It may seem inconceivable for that fate to fall upon Canada in this date and age.

    But weak countries have been exploited by more powerful nations throughout the ages.

    I am not a military strategist.

    But it would seem that given that Canada has a large Asian population, a powerful Asian country could claim that its "nationals" were being "abused" by the Canadians.

    This would be used as an excuse to take action to "protect their nationals" and establish a foot hold in, say Vancouver.

    This strategy was used by the Russians on Georgia a few years back, until the US intervened.

    But if our Canadians friends think that there is no foreign risk at all, then a complete disarmament may be more appropriate and they can spend their $28 Billion defense budget on more social programs.

    As far as defending from the US, forget it no match.

    As I said before mutual interests are the over riding factor in US Canadian relations.

    Gee, this could make make for a good novel.

  65. Ebag,

    Please. With Georgia, the Russian peace keepers were attacked at night in their barracks by their Georgian "peace keeper" counterparts. That's how that war started. The Russians invaded Georgia right up to their capitol and, surprise surprise, the oil pipeline. The message got sent. So the Americans, since they couldn't - or didn't want to - do anything, promptly left their Georgian "allies" in the lurch. And there's been no more talk of admitting Georgia into NATO ever since that time. Especially with that crackpot they've got running Georgia - with your tax dollars.

    Now the American military, despite squandering your national wealth on themselves in an amount of more than the rest of the entire world combined, can't seem to win a war in Afghanistan against goat herders with small arms and home made explosives. Go down on your knees, Ebag, and pray that no one gives them anything more.

    "Peace" in Iraq is maintained by the US paying what amounts to "tribute" to the tune on $1-2 million in money and equipment per day to Sunni tribes not to attack your soldiers - similar to what the Romans did paying off Germanic chieftains not to attack the legions in their waning days. And we know how that story ended.

    Speaking of Russians.... Can't put men in space any more, can you? You'll be paying big money to Putin for years, trying to save face, to have a guy, a gal, or two, in the space station for a the yearly photo op. Can't supply that army in Afghanistan either, can you, because the goat herders with guns shut down supplies through Pakistan. So now you're paying Putin to transport supplies by rail across Russia. Just saying.

    Oh, and because of the intimidated/fearful nature of Americans these days, you can't step onto a commercial airline without letting some overweight drooling TSA high school dropout stick its hands down your pants to get a feel.

    Sic Transit Gloria!

    Can't afford - or don't want to pay for - good education for your kids anymore or health care for your seniors because you got tricked out of all your money by Wall Street sharpies supported by politicians of both parties you keep electing? (Not that we're much least in that respect.)

    Point is, these are all signs of decline.

    Strong countries don't debase their currency in order to direct spending power to corrupt elites. They don't grossly over-tax and drive into unemployment and economic ruin ordinary people in order to prop up the economic happiness of the powerful. They don't allow wholesale criminality in finance, mortgages, etc, without a single criminal prosecution of any politically well connected banker. In short, they don't neglect the health and prosperity of their own population. Period. But these are all things you understand as "socialism" or "freeloading".

    Once again, as GL asked, (with whom I don't always agree) from whom are you protecting anyone from these days? Protecting Canada from Chinese people living in BC? Why, that's the best Asian food in North America! Come on.

  66. Anonymous 7-15- Get a grip! WWII tactics don't fly today-its called GENOCIDE(otherwise the two wars we wasted our money on would've lasted 3-4 months each).

    The last 25 years of defense spending has been for the sake of spending. Ask the British how it worked out for them in '18 and '44.

    They got bailed out by friends. We don't have that luxury. So economics matter after all. Warships left overseas and bases closing faster than an eyelid is in our near future.

    As for being 'under attack', didn't they say that about the war on drugs? $20M budget in 1985, 15 times that today. War on Terror is a money sucking farce to steal money from the populace. Wake up ideologue. Your traitor friends are in your pocket.

  67. E-Bag

    Asians are not abused in Canada..are you kidding me!!

    Vancouver is no penal colony, why do you think Asians came to Canada in the first place...Ohh lets see: Better education, better healthcare, better standard of living.

    I fail to see how China or any other Asian country will use the excuse that its ex-pat citizens being abused, so now we are going to invade you scenario.

    Its not called "Hongcouver" for nothing, the aliens love it there.

    Oh and before i forget,NASA now means: "Need Another Stimulus Act"

  68. Ebag,

    Pull back, buddy. You're right about many things, but arguing is pointless. Now that they sense the weakness of US, they will be vicious, and why shouldn't they, after all US did behaved like a giant bully.

    Of course, they will have to worry much more about their security, but they won't see it now, no matter how you argue that.

    Of course they are repeating the same mistakes Americans did, in being commies that they are, but you can't help them see that, until they too, destroy their own home.

    They love to speak for other Canadians saying how they all LOVE to pay for their version of communism there. You and I know this is bullshit and can not be possibly true. They are commies. Just the same red bellied commies as the Russians, but they can't see that. These folks uphere love getting their healthcare, their stayhome, whatever commie benefit, and it is not very convenient to mention that every canadian is forced to pay for this by their violent gang they call government. Of course those on receiving end love to pay their small contributions to receive large!

    But you and I know that everything cost money. Including the government management of healthcare and it's funding. Which means that if Canadians didn't lie, and been honest to us, then they would acknowledge that EVERYONE MUST RECEIVE LESS THAN THEY PAID INTO THE SYSTEM, due to costs. So, how come they like this so much? Ah!! Because these two pay little, but they violently rob their own compatriots who earn more money, and to sweeten the deal they also insultingly insist that those well off Canadians LOVE paying for the communism. This is the truth.

    I would like these two pinco commies to show me how much CAnadiand LOVE socialism if there is no more violent tax collection. I bet since ALL CAnadiand LOVE paying for communism, the fact that Canada collects taxes violently is only a national sport.

    You already know what the problem is. And I completely agree with you. It's the willingness of some to steal from others. Once this is allowed, then eventually, even Canada will learn the full blown evil. And this is the part they don't get. They think that what had happened to Americans is somehow a quality of America, not the consequence of the way of theft that Americans have chosen in 1913.

    True, if we didn't spend on wars, we could have best of the world healthcare, retirement and each asshole would have a free playstation.

    But, what is the point? Wether for war or communism, there would still be legalized theft. The progression from there to where we are right now would still remain only a quantative matter, not a qualitative one.

    By the way Canadians, you boasting how it's the ugly Americans that live off the fake dollar. Do you know why is it that our fake dollar isn't falling nearly as much as it should against the loony, even while we print fake paper like there is no tomorrow? Any ideas? Seeing it now better, huh?

    It's sad because instead of trying to grab our throne you could have used the moment to learn the lesson and save your own country...

  69. @GL

    After reading Mava, I want to amend what I said about increasing defense budget to $50B. I want to increase it to $100B. Perhaps more.

    This necessary to defend against an increasing numbers of Americans like Mava and Ebag turning fascist, or perhaps some states seceding, as the full spectrum decay advances to become full spectrum civil war.

    I heard rumors that Mexico now not only welcome the heavy border fence, they want more!

    Mava called Canada a communist country. Let me see - our foreign minister is currently in Beijing on a relation & trade visit. He is setting up a state visit for our prime minister later, the third in 4 years. Foreign minister Baird called China 'our friend' while China is exploring a major investment in Canada oil/gas fields and production. Hey, with all this coziness getting closer by the month, maybe you're right. There might even be a mutual defense treaty between our two 'communist' states!

  70. Of course yours is a communist state, Can Do.

    No I pay no attention to who you do business with, as it doesn't matter, you can do business with Stalin himself, and it would not make you a communist.

    You have chosen to ignore and downplay what I said about Canada. Did you notice how I have shown no bad feelings about Canada whatsoever? Instead, I meant to warn you, Canadians. Warn you that you are going by the same road we went, the difference is only in the extent of your evilness. Qualitative difference only.

    A true enemy would not take time to warn you, you must understand this simple principle. Only a friend would point out the wrongs of your ways to you, only a true friend.

    So, here it is, once again, why your country is evil communist state, no different in principle from ours, but only in the extent of it's evil:

    Because, your state says it knows the best, and it violently collects the taxes, in an uneven, un-proportioned way. This is the essence of cummunism, i.e. [VIOLENTLY enforcing common goals and means]. Everything else you have heard or read of communism was purposely spread thin as to conceal the idea.

    Also, you have ignored what I have said about your lies, in cases when Canadians declare that Canadians in general love paying for communism. Just you try to remove the violence that must always be present behind any oppressive state, and you will see.

    I wish you would hear what I am saying and be one of a million that serves to save your country from a similar fate to ours.

  71. Uncle Sam WhupassJuly 20, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    America is the protector of Israel, dummy. Who cares about Americans? Ask the media, Wall Street, academe, which nation is more important to them. Israel will win. But these people lead America!

  72. "A great deal of this massive expenditure is for weapons that serve no purpose, and strategies and doctrines that have been superceded by a changed reality."

    No, there is a purpose behind everything we see happening in the world, including the massive US expenditure on weapons and military personnel, and the strategies and doctrines are aligned with a reality that has changed very little in the past millennium or two. It's the same shit, just a different day, different countries in power, different wars, different propaganda, different fall guys, different corporations, different names, different presidents, but it's all the same. It's not like this hasn't happened before. The immediate problem is that the hammer is quickly dropping on everyone but the ultra wealthy, and we can't escape it. The agenda behind the elite of the world is accelerating at an alarming rate and is becoming more transparent. The good news is that those in power are being exposed to a greater degree than before and the people of the world are finally comprehending the true reality in which they exist. This was anticipated by those in power and soon we'll probably be wiped off the face of the earth or locked down in a concrete cell with no windows for the rest of our lives. What other option do they have when they want to retain their power, influence and way of life, and we the people are threatening all that they hold dearly? They do it in the name of self preservation, same as every other egotistical, power hungry person in lesser positions would do. Point in case, look at all of the corruption and tyrannical behavior in some city councils like Quartzite, Arizona and Gould, Arkansas. We can expect more of this in the near future. We can also probably expect another pivotal event in the "terrorist" theater since the global military/police state is entirely based on the 9/11, 7/7, shoe/underwear bomber fictional crap that we have been fed through the corporate owned, military industrial complex controlled mainstream media. WAKE UP! This is the beginning of World War Infinity. It never started, therefore it will never end.

  73. @Mava

    Oops .. I want to amend my quotation about ".. Canadian foreign minister Baird called China 'our friend' in his visit to establish 'strategic partnership'"

    Actually he called China 'our friend and ally'. Check web news.

    Thought you might want to know. I wonder what's the meaning of this to American's presumed 'colony', 'military protector', a state of 'socialist' 'communist' 'violent tax collectors' ? Presumably we are doomed to national failure like Greece or Zimbabwe?

    As GL said, why is it that so many Americans just love to insult and bully other people?

    Let me tell a little story completely ignored in America. When Bush II came to power in 2000, Canada-US relation was in absolute top shape. Brother & cousins at all levels. Open border and all. But defying almost a century of tradition, Bush paid his first state visit to Mexico, calling Canada 'not important'. So he kicked off his presidency insulting not only the Cdn government, but the Cdn people, ignoring a full century of deep relationship in war and peace.

    After 9/11, when Canada assisted in all manner possible, including opening Cdn sky to handle US commercial traffic on emergency, Bush II returned the favor by insulting our PM in a state visit in DC.

    Bush II decided to invade Iraq. Somehow he expected Canada to just tag along, invade fight and die in a foreign country on the other side of the world that has absolutely nothing to do the Canada. He expected Canada to be just a colony, do as told by the empire. Canadian PM said, get a UN resolution authorizing the invasion and he will get parliamentary approval for Iraq. Bush II did not get UN approval, Canada did not participate in Iraq. In retaliation, Bush II hit Canada at every turn, every trade. When a few potatoes in PEI got infected with spots, Bush banned ALL imports from Canada. The list goes on, from serious to the most trivial. Bush II banned this that that. He even banned Canada from bidding on non-critical US defense work, something that goes back to WW2. It's the story of the empire bully the 'colony' at every turn.

    Today, you will not find a friend up north. The damage has been deep and permanent. No politician up here dares to America 'friend and ally' in public anymore. But notice who our foreign minister call 'friend and ally' lately.

  74. GL,

    are you kidding me about Muslims not having freedom to worship in the US? I mean, there are accounts of clerics spewing anti-americanism in mosques throughout the US. I mean the CIA ought to have some undercover people in these mosques with as much freedom as these hate-spewing clerics are allowed to perpetuate IN mosques ON American Soil. Also, I agree we spend too much on the military...but to strive for utter superiority and complete dominance on the battlefield is not a bad thing. I mean, should we not strive for dominance and have lesser technology and equipment so the wars we fight will be more "fair". The ancient Romans sure didn't feel that way.

  75. Sorry GL as much as I love your blog and comments you will never reach enough of the the fat dumb and facebook stricken america. I wish you could as you are a straight shooter, but the crap will hit the fan and America will be in tatters before anyone can even begin to change the downward curve.

  76. My dear and so sensitive socialist Canadians:
    As a token of our good will I offer you a brief outline of my soon to be released book: "Maple Syrup and Chop Sticks".
    I'll release it in several posts, just as GL did with his novel. Which means that I'll stop at some random time and never finish posting it.
    Here is the summary and part 1 of the outline:


    Abbreviations: NTA: Note to Author, NOE: Note Of Explanation

    TITLE: Maple Syrup and Chop Sticks
    (NTA: consider “That Which Binds Us Together”, the present title sounds a bit like a cook book)


    When: 20 years from now.
    Location: Canada

    China’s one child policy has been ended. The Chinese population is now reproducing faster than Muslims. The Chinese, simply, don’t fit in their country anymore.

    The Chinese have recently obtained evidence that establishes a claim on most of Canada.

    The French Canadians are restless. Their endless demands and freeloading are becoming unsustainable, not to mention the eternal aggravation of these whiners to the rest of the Canadians.

    Separatists take advantage of the chaos in Vancouver and demand independence.

    The Canadian Western provinces are fed up with paying for the rest of Canada. They see the mess to the east and west and decide to secede from Canada.

    The Canadians plan to turn the Northwest Passage, which has opened from global warming, into a “toll road”. The Russians and Chinese are not amused.

    Part 1. The western Front.

    Chinese are incensed by the recent discovery of falsification of Chinese archeological records in the Vancouver area. Chinese stone carvings were falsely translated by Canadians as “Leroy was here, I’m 14 but I wish that I was 34 years old”. Shockingly, the correct translation is : “Zheng He was here, and it’s the year 1434”!!!

    Chinese claim that therefore most of Canada belongs to China (conveniently providing room for the ever increasing Chinese population).
    Chinese instigators begin fermenting violence and rioting in Vancouver.

    Chinese officials claim abuse of Chinese minorities by Canadian nationals and threaten to intervene.

    Part 2. To follow, stay tuned!!

  77. Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland?

    Cincinnati??? Seriously? Sorry, that's pure hyperbole. Cincinnati is actually a town on the rise. Procter & Gamble, Kroger, CNG and Fifth Third bank. That's no Detroit, amigo. Rather poor choice that discredits everything else you say.

    Just saying.

  78. I think you've missed the point rather spectacularly. Your post makes perfect sense if you accept the establishment's stated rationale for the existence of the U.S. military: it is there to defend the nation from foreign threats. The thing is, there aren't any. The U.S. has no enemies, aside from the largely manufactured terrorist "threat." Who is our "enemy?" China, the country that pays our bills? Russia, the country that sells us 500,00 barrels of oil a day, without which our economy would collapse? If we had any genuine enemies, they would simply leave us to our own folly, and the inevitable U.S. collapse would occur that much sooner.

    I think it makes much more sense to look at the U.S. military as a giant money laundering operation. Gore Vidal had this figured out decades ago. Politically connected aerospace and weapons manufacturing corporations live off the public teat, ostensibly providing for our "defense." This system was in place well before World War II (the writings of Gen. Smedley Butler attest to that), but WW II is when the system really sank its teeth into the nation and became a permanent fixture of our economy and politics (hence Eisenhower's famous warning about the MIC).

    Other politically connected companies (and you know their names: KBR, Halliburton, Dyncorp, etc.) live off of the contracts provided by endless war. The formula is simple: blow shit up and award your best political campaign donors the contracts to rebuild it. The sad part is not that our nation declines while the Pentagon runs amok, it is that the decline could largely been arrested by investing the trillions we spent on military junk on things that would actually have benefitted the nation and secured a brighter future.

    Imagine what might have been if we had invested in alternative energy or the infrastructure to exploit the resources of outer space. Out current crises with energy and a depleting resource base might have been mooted. Well, too late now, Americans. You were the Romans of the 20th century, and you're following their example to the bitter end.

  79. jpwhite,

    Very true, I agree. If we didn't waste these immense resources to feed one select group of people by killing most everyone else through wars, and instead invested same resources into energy and space, today, we would be undergoing a spectacular collapse, but of entirely different manifestation.

    Even then, I 'd still prefer it your way. Here is why:

    The collapse would still be approaching, and this is because it doesn't matter how you spend the spoils of violence, or even if you spend them at all. As long as the resource is the output of violence, then there isn't any mechanism to provide the feedback, and the system has to fail by way of dis-balance.
    You can even feed the poor and fix the blind all they long, but if you do it on stolen money, the end still is imminent. There is simply no excuse to sin.

    But, since gentle communism (one which spends voilently confiscated funds on space exploration, green energy, helping people) is even more evil than a primitive militarist-fascistic type, I would rather had it your way.

    But because it wasn't your way, as a result of this coming spectacular collapse, the humanity will only learn to hate a particular implementation of communism, just like it was with the fall of the soviet union, and not the evil idea in general!

    Learning to hate the kindest ever, the most humane ever, the greenest ever implementation of communism, would be an immeasurably more useful lesson.

  80. This guy is correct:

    "Anonymous said...

    'Sorry GL as much as I love your blog and comments you will never reach enough of the the fat dumb and facebook stricken america. I wish you could as you are a straight shooter, but the crap will hit the fan and America will be in tatters before anyone can even begin to change the downward curve.'
    July 20, 2011 6:35 PM"

  81. And for all this, our military hasn't been able to win a single war. No, the agenda is something else, and it has nothing to do with safeguarding and protecting America and the Constitution. What is that agenda? I have no doubt that time will tell.

  82. Agenda?

    Well, since the source of America's wealth used to be that everyone had to buy dollars before they could buy oil, and the fact that many client states now think of selling oil for other fiat paper and gold, the agenda is obvious: make sure that the government that remains in power wants to be an US client, and will obediently ask for dollars only when selling their oil.

    It looks to you that we are losing, but only because you apply a different definition of victory. The real definition is classified, to the funniest point that many sources of mass media have concluded that we have no definition of victory. OMG. Don't be that simple.

  83. Ebag, Mava, the comments section misses their biggest blowhards. Do us all a favour and return to your natural troll habitat.


  84. National defense is one of the few legitimate functions of government. Defense expenditures over time are an increasingly smaller fraction of the federal budget. Yet *this* is what GL rips on? As opposed to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, EPA regulations, TARP, and all of the other expenditures and regulations that are actually bankrupting the country? Getting out of Libya and Afghanistan ain't going to solve our problems, nor is emasculating the military while leaving the welfare state intact.

  85. You're missing Gonzalo's point, I think.

    It is precisely at the point when the empire starts to slide into the bottomless trench of history, that it is suddenly develops the appetite to dominate everything.

    Few distinct enemies are not enough anymore. What started as a function of protection from those enemies, is now a function of dictating, and not only dictating, but dictating to the whole world. Everyone must now kneel to the supreme leader.

    On a more particular note, no one is attacking us, so there is no reason to keep the standing army, it should simply be disbanded.

    Let the Canadians (see above) save the world.
    They are eager :)

  86. Q: do other nations vote on d.ceiling?
    (no web answer!) 3rd world pays cash,
    nations w/ 'command economies' order rationing,
    West oft . . . defaults (Argentina 1899, 200 1)
    rus. 1997-8 etc, Greeks often, even A ustria.

  87. I couldn't agree more. This is such a sad state for the United States. The problem is so many people are on the "take" from the Government nothing can change. I think we need a reset of the system. Things are to far out of balance.

    Oddly enough the thugs were blacks behaving badly.
    In my part of the world, half of the "Canadians" teaching English are Pakistanis. Only one of the white Canadian teachers I have met is not a self-hating white. All of the Pakistani "Canadians" require their wives to wear the full burqua and never introduce them to the men they work and live with. When I see a Muslim women in the malls who is not wearing a veil, I know that she is not "Canadian."

    Robert in Arabia

  89. Elites looking to enslave the weak is a human condition that has been constant throughout human history. The slow take over of the US system forcing it's people into slavery has been one of the most elaborate in history. We Americans think we are free so we don't fight back. Freedom is a constant fight, if your not fighting for it daily then you are losing ground. People are starting to wake up though and the fight from the elites to keep power will be ugly. I'd put odds on a reset but it sure would be nice to have a transition back to freedom. It's just so hard to stop the pedulum early. It must swing all the way to slavery before the people will stop being complacent and push it back towards freedom

  90. At the same time, which hit Iran for its legitimate business activities, and now Obama threatens sanctions hardened and perhaps endless war of 2009, the fulfillment of the requirements clearly outrageous.

  91. The US military is protecting our freedom as Americans to eat fried butter on a stick, damn it. I take offense to your suggestion that we are just a fat, stupid people.

  92. Just as what goes up must come down, it's a Law of (human) Nature that all empires must eventually fall. It's Rome all over again at least in theme. Sure there's always some conquest involved but the ultimate cause comes down to socio-political & moral decay from the inside while collapsing under its own weight, like a morbidly obese person who's reached the end of the line.

    Eddie Griffin had a line in his standup comedy DVD "You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It!" where he said, "(If there's one thing) you know about American history is wherever we land, we don't leave. We already got three bases, permanent bases in Iraq; we STILL in Vietnam; STILL in Korea; STILL got a base in Japan; Everywhere we land WE DON'T LEAVE. You know what I mean? I thought it was called "The United States Of America", not "The United Empire Of EARTH!"

    In striving to achieve "Full Spectrum Dominance" over the world to become the American Empire, the U.S. has gone down the old road to ruin. Regardless of who's behind the scenes or at the top brainwashing & bribing the public and steering America permanently out of being the land of opportunity, it can only happen because Americans allow it, or even clamor for the things that will cause all that.

    I think, or maybe its just me, that most of the world understands that the US Govt and Too-Big-To-Fail-class Corporations are the bad guys but still blame the American citizenry for allowing the abuse of the rest of the world. And at best just shake their heads saying "too bad" as we watch the internal self-destruction going on.

    May the good Americans left survive and prosper.

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