Saturday, January 7, 2012

Join Me As I Say: No.

When I was about 15 or 16, I read Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. The book is a history of the Soviet concentration camp system between 1918 and 1956, based on the testimony of actual prison inmates, of which Solzhenitsyn was one—and it had a profound effect on me, both politically and as a future writer.

But most of all, it taught me something crucial: What is legal is not necessarily the same as what is just.

Because you see, the Gulag system of forced-labor and concentration camps was completely legal: Proper laws had been properly passed, which allowed innocent people to be shipped off to their doom in a properly legal process. Even before the Nazis came up with the Wannsee Protocol, Lenin and his Soviets had perfected the idea of using the law to rape justice and the rights of human beings.

We today look at such abuses of the law as perversions typical of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes—

—but what about in a democracy? What about in our democracy? What about in America?

Recently, the United States’ Congress duly and democratically passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which President Obama duly and democratically signed into law.

The NDAA makes it legal for the executive branch to unilaterally declare anyone, including an American citizen, a terrorist suspect. And on merely the strength of this suspicion—not an act, not even a plan, but merely on a suspicion—an accused person can be “detained” indefinitely.

So imagine this: Imagine you are walking down the street one Saturday morning, having gone to your neighborhood Kwik Stop to buy the paper and a Slim Jim.

You’re walking along the shoulder of a local road, munching on your beef jerky and thinking that the economy is in a helluva mess, the wife wants you to cut the grass this weekend (and you don’t really feel like it, because you want to go hunting in the woods with your buddies)—

—all of a sudden, a big black shiny Chevy Suburban with blacked-out windows screeches to a halt right in front of you—

—a couple of Black Guards—complete with black helmets and black visors—leap out of the Suburban—carrying submachine guns—

—they simultaneously zap you with a taser.

You fall to the ground, shaking and jittering like an epileptic, pissing your pants and biting your own tongue—and as helpless as a baby.

Meanwhile, another vehicle—a blacked-out minivan—screeches to a halt: The sliding doors open, and two men, also dressed head-to-toe in black, except for the blue Latex surgical gloves they are both wearing, jump out, roll you over like a hunk of beef, bind your wrists together with plastic electrical bands, pop a hood over your head, then toss you into the minivan—

—all in under thirty seconds. Once the black Suburban and the black minivan scream away, there is nothing left except a half-eaten Slim Jim lying on the side of the road.

When you wake up, you’re in a windowless room, with no light, and you can hardly breath, because of the black hood still over your head. You can’t take it off—in fact, you can’t move, because your hands are tied behind your back, and your ankles are bound as well.

You call out: “Hey!”

You call out again: “He-e-e-e-ey!!!”

No answer.

Minutes? Seconds? Hours? Days? Time quickly gets away from you—you can’t tell if it’s day or night, if seconds are hours or days are minutes.

Then they come to interrogate you—with no warning: They burst into your cell, cut the binding from your ankles—but not the one tying your wrists behind your back—grab you roughly, throw you to the ground, pick you up again, drag you on your knees, throw you out of the cell, then pick you up onto your feet and pull you—lurching—down a corridor—but you don’t really know, ‘cause you still have the black hood on: You are blind throughout all of this.

They yell. They let you stumble and fall to the ground three-four times, then roughly pick you up each time, only to let you fall and get banged up a little bit more. All done to disorient you—to make you panic.

Since you can’t see, you have no idea where they’re taking you—but you keep saying, “What’d I do? I didn’t do anything! What’s going on?”

And they keep taunting you: “You know what you did, you know—and you’re gonna pay! You think we let scumbags like you get off so easy? You’re gonna pay!

Finally, they plop you in a chair and yank the black hood off your head—

—blinding white light slices your brain—a spotlight is aimed straight at your face—your interrogators slap you (to disorient you), and keep yelling at you “Look at me! Look at me!”, to make you open your eyes—to make the light hurt.

A barrage of questions—they yell out questions at you—but when you try to answer, they ask another—they sneer at you—they never let you get your bearings, even as they insist that they “know everything”.

“I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything! Let’s talk this over and straighten this out—I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding!” you insist—feeling bitterly ashamed at how quickly you’ve been cowed, humiliated that you’re not as tough as you thought you were—

—but you genuinely have no idea what’s going on.

And besides: You’re scared. Which is what they want.

After you assure them over and over and over again that you’ll tell them whatever they want to know, they get softer on you: They want to “make it easy on you”, they claim.

“Just tell us the names of your terrorist buddies,” they ask finally.

“Huh?” you say, literally dumbfounded.

You buddies are your hunting buddies, of course. There’s Mitch, the regional sales rep for John Deere; Kelly, the office manager at the local insurance company; Davey, the airline cargo manager who’s “between jobs” now for eight months, ever since he got laid off and can’t find another job, because they’re just not hiring people over 45; and then there’s you—that’s all: Four middle-class middle-aged guys.

What do you and your hunting buddies do every other weekend? Not a helluva lot of hunting, that’s for sure: Not a one of you is a very good shot. Those ducks have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being bagged by you guys.

But hey: You have a lot of fun. Mostly, you go out in the woods, squat in the duck blind, drink a few beers and bitch—the God-given right of every middle-class American male.

You bitch about the wife, the economy, Obama, the boss, and throw in a mention of some hot young thing on “Dancing With The Stars”, which you pretend to your buddies you are forced to watch by the wife (but which you secretly look forward to every week, and watch even when the wife isn’t around).

The ducks never fear you guys: They’re wise to you in your duck blind, what with you yapping away and laughing ever-louder with every beer you put away.

Finally, closing in on lunchtime, you get out of the stupid blind and break open the cooler with the packed lunch. More beers, good food, better company—you and your buddies, hanging out with your useless shotguns, until finally the sun starts to go down, and it’s time to go back home.

That’s all you and your buddies do, every other weekend—

—but when you tell that to your interrogators, they don’t believe you.

“Don’t lie, you scumbag! Don’t lie, you terrorist fuck! We know what you guys are planning! We know that you’re a terrorist cell!”

“But we’re not!”, you insist. “We’re not!

They don’t believe you.

So they pop the black hood back over your head, pick you up and shove you along, then drag you back to your cell.

And then later (days? hours? minutes? years?) they yank you out of your cell, and interrogate you again—

—only this time, they strap you on your back to a gourney, then yank off the black hood from your head: You open your eyes to a bright light burning right into your face—you can hardly see.

“What the—”

Before you can get the words out, they slap a warm wet hand-towel—the kind you see rolled up by the sink in every motel room—they slap it over your mouth and nose, the towel heavy from the water—

—you gag—you hiccough—the most painful hiccough ever—you think you’re having a heart attack as you feel the water of the warm wet cloth going up your nose—into your lungs—your whole chest suddenly heaving as the water triggers reflexes you didn’t even know existed—

Holy-fucking-shit I’m DROWNING!!!!” you want to scream—

—but you can’t—you can’t: The hand holding the warm wet towel over your mouth and nose is implacable—that hand wants you to drown, it wants you to flop like a fish, it wants you to feel your entire chest spasming from the indescribable pain, the pain of drowningI’m drowning—I’m fucking DROWNING!!!

I’M DYING!!!!!!!

Congratulations—you busted your cherry: You’ve just been water-boarded. This’ll go on for minutes? hours? seconds? days? years?—you don’t know.

But what you do know is, this’ll be the first of many, many, many “sessions”. And in each and every one of these “enhanced interrogation sessions”, they’ll ask you questions.

And you’ll answer them—answer them fully. You’ll tell them everything—even stuff you swore you’d never tell a soul—like how you cheated on your SAT’s—how you skimmed a little off that load of gravel back in 1998, and sold it for a couple of hundred—how you fooled around with (but never slept with) Janey Crouse after she split from Herb but before she moved away in 2005—

—you’ll tell them everything.

But still, they won’t be satisfied: “You’re holding out on us—we know you’re holding out on us! What is your terror cell going to do? What target are you planning to strike? I want names, addresses, schedules—everything!

Once you’ve run out of true stuff to tell them, that’s when you’ll start to make stuff up—just to get them to please-please stop

—and that’s what they want: See, they have to justify this whole operation. If you’re an innocent schlub, then they look bad. But if they keep on pushing you until you “confess”—even if your “confession” is obviously crazy—then the interrogators can say to their bosses, “See? The guy really was a terrorist!”

But even when you tell them that you’re planning to blow up the Post Office—which you’ve never planned to, but tell them just to make it stop!—they still won’t be satisfied: They’ll keep torturing you, just so they can prove to their bosses that they are being “diligent and conscientious in our terrorist-fighting efforts”.

‘Cause after all, you are now a terrorist: You confessed to being terrorist.

After weeks? days? hours? years? of this treatment—this horror—one day or night (‘cause you’ll never be sure of the time), you’ll be sitting in your cell, weeping, and wondering how this could possibly have happened in America—how did this happen here

—I’m here to tell you: It was you own fucking fault.

You are the one to blame for this, when it comes to pass, and you’re sitting in some cell, with no recourse to an attorney, to a judge, to any sort of redress—much less freedom.

It was your fault that you were grabbed, thrown into the back of the black minivan, dragged, beaten, tortured, imprisoned.

Your fault that you wound up confessing to something you never planned to do, but which they use to throw you in a dungeon indefinitely, as “preventive detention” in order to “stop the terrorists”.

Why is it your fault?

Because you know exactly what is in the National Defense Authorization Act: All the tools necessary to turn the United States into a totalitarian police-state are in that law which Congress passed and Obama signed.

All the laws to make America into Lenin’s Gulag archipelago.

All the laws necessary to make it possible to throw you in a dungeon forever, as a “suspected terrorist”.

All the laws necessary to strip away your rights, your freedoms—your very life.

All the laws necessary are in the National Defense Authorization Act.

And what did you do? Did you do anything to stop it? Did you write your Congressman? Did you protest? Did you demonstrate?

We in a democratic society have an obligation—each and every one of us—to use whatever ability or talent or opportunity we have to make a better society.

Me? I’m a writer—this piece you’ve just read is the best thing I can do: Describe to you what the Amerikan Police-State will be like—and what will happen to you because of the NDAA—and thereby help prevent it.

You who read this: It is up to you—and you alone—to stand up, and say—

No!” to indefinite detentions.

No!” to arrests and imprisonment without due process.

No!” to using terrorism as the excuse to violate Constitutional guarantees.

No!” to pointless wars of aggression that hurt America, but benefit foreign countries at the expense of American lives and treasure.

No!” to crony capitalism which seeks to enrich the one-percenters at the expense of all of us.

No!” to the evil that is being carried out in the name of safety and security.

No!” to evil laws that are unjust and immoral—but which have been bought from Congress by lobbyists, and paid for by vampiric corporations.


America is a democracy—but it is rapidly becoming the nightmare state that Solzhenitsyn described. This nightmare will only end when we stand up—when we make it stop.

How do we make it stop? When we stand up, and we all say:

This is wrong: It might be legal—it might be a law properly passed and signed—but it is not the will of the people—it is wrong—and it must end.

We can do this. It’s easy: All we have to do is stand up, go to a public square, and say it out loud.

Say it out loud now—while we still can.

This is me, saying it out loud: Join me.



  1. Very nice. An excellent piece of writing and a proper deconstruction of what we all know to be true.

    But the last thing I read kicked me out of an appreciatve state and into a wide-eyed, head shaking WTF moment:

    "The PayPal button is there for your convenience."

    How can you be so spot on about what's happening in our country, and yet not understand what you /can/ do. What I have come to understand that I must.

    PayPal is part of it - a large part. If you don't understand that, then you understand nothing.

    Look into Bitcoin. It's clean.


  2. Of more importance to your perspective, being Chilean, is the fact that US foreign policy has come home. Is this not the same as was encouraged by the US in Latin America for years but Americans were to stupid to complain, payback.


  3. Laws that infringe or openly renege Habeas Corpus, most ideals of the Magna Cartas (there were several versions - like Dr. Who), The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, International Law ... and just plain decency - are already inherently unsound, null, void. And feel free to dump the dictionary on that - legal or grammatical or common sense.

  4. The words below are the write words said to have come from a German Citizen that was executed by the Nazis just before the end of WW2:

    The words of Albrecht Georg Haushofer:


    ...schuldig bin ich
    I am guilty,
    Anders als Ihr denkt.
    But not in the way you think.
    Ich musste früher meine Pflicht erkennen;
    I should have earlier recognized my duty;
    Ich musste schärfer Unheil Unheil nennen;
    I should have more sharply called evil evil;
    Mein Urteil habe ich zu lang gelenkt...
    I reined in my judgment too long.
    Ich habe gewarnt,
    I did warn,
    Aber nicht genug, und klar;
    But not enough, and clear;
    Und heute weiß ich, was ich schuldig war.
    And today I know what I was guilty of.[1]

    You can hear the words spoken in the native German hear by former CIA Intel officer Ray McGovern, I suggest starting at about 40 minutes into the lecture for the Haushofer comments.

  5. Maybe this blatent totalitarism is meant to be rolled out to all the countries of the world when the NWO finally show themselves. As is done already with the USA's extradition treaty bollocks, where any foriegn citizen can be yanked off to the states for trial.
    You would have thought that society had advanced after several thousand years of civilization.

  6. Excellent writing. A necessary and vital message. It will hit home with all those who value liberty above collectivism. It may even help motivate a grass-roots upheaval of pro-freedom political activism.

    However, government collectivism is an organic thing that seeks growth and combats all perceived threats as naturally as breathing.

  7. You missed one thing, the NDAA is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. it is NOT a valid law!

  8. Gonzalo, my wife and I have brought this "Battlefield America" provision of the NDAA up to numerous friends and relatives in the United States. The reaction of 90% of them has been "Huh?" Followed by "You worry too much" or "You're paranoid." If they haven't had it explained to them by U.S. TV, it's not real. Even when we cite specifics, we can hear their ears glazing over over the phone.

    Doesn't matter that my wife and I have been correct (if a bit premature) about our financial and political predictions since before we fled from the U.S. in 2005 to escape the Cheney Regime. Doesn't matter that we're doing great financially and in terms of personal security because we acted on our predictions, while almost all of our friends are faltering and fearful of the future. We're seen as the daft ones.

    So I don't give a sh!t about the United States. No point wasting energy worrying about people who are too willfully ignorant to care about what's going on in their own country. People in Canada, where we live now, can see the fascism coming better than Americans. They are worried (and believing) when we bring up the cooperation agreement between Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that will allow U.S. lawmen to operate on Canadian soil.

    When the U.S. drones start flying over this side of the border; when we hear reports of U.S. expats being arrested when they try to cross the border into the States because there's a secret warrant out for them over not reporting their overseas bank accounts to the IRS (another law that few people know about) we're prepared to move back to Australia. We also have visa rights to live there. The downfall is coming to the U.S. I'd rather flee than explain.

    1. I'd stay where you are. Canada's OK and Stevie won't last forever. A few months ago a poll indicated that 85% of Canadians no longer see the American economic, social, medical, or educational systems as "appropriate" models for Canada. That poll undercuts the legitimacy of Stevie's program which is to turn Canada into a little America. Give it time.


    2. Canadians see fascism coming more clearly? Some do and yet we give Steve Harper a majority government as he clandestinely strips Canadian sovereignty bare exposing us completely to American military/para military dictates. It's a nightmare I cannot wake up from.

  9. Excellent piece, Mr. Lira. Now, if only we could somehow get these words in front of Americans.

    What is so tragically sad is that the enemies of freedom practically do not have to exert effort as they destroy the United States Constitution. That the American population is often compared to sheep is doing a great disservice to sheep. The resistance to those who would enslave us seems to be far from what is required to halt it.

    While the enemy has at its disposal the most scientific and the most advanced propaganda tools in the history of the world, those tools stay mostly sheathed - not even needed.

    What do you think will happen when the big guns are actually brought to bear?

    As an example, I give you the 180 degree turnabout of the (so called) Tea Party. Formed in response to the massive bailouts of the corrupt banks, the members of this group now find themselves herded in opposition to a group of young people - the Occupy organizations - who are attempting to focus on the very same issues as the original 2008/09 Tea Party. Examine how sickeningly easy it was for a few AM radio talk hosts and Fox News to completely co-opt that movement. Yes, there was Koch Industries money involved, but it probably wasn't even needed.

    Day after day, the "right-wing" radio hosts blast Obama as "socialist" - conveniently ignoring the fact that his administration is literally packed with Wall Street insiders. His one crowning "socialist" achievement - Obamacare - is a gift the giant pharmaceutical and medical insurance corporations could not have conjured in their wildest dreams. Tax payer money by the trainload heads to corrupt corporations daily - courtesy of the "socialist" Mr. Obama.

    When the profits are private, but the liabilities are public, you are looking at the very essence of Fascism.

    While I will continue to fight, and attempt to spread the message, sometimes the prospects for success seem rather dismal.

    Thank you again for your strong words, Mr. Lira.

  10. GL,

    I also read The Gulag Archipelago when I was a teenager like you. Except it was illegal in Poland at that time and I could have gone to jail or been thrown out of school if they caught me.

    BTW, I think the facts are enough and your dramatic movie-like writing style is unnecessary. It appeals to a certain type of Hollywood-reared audience but they generally do not have a clue anyway and they would probably side with the more glamorous looking work of the men-in-black rather than the oppressed citizens. The law is the product of the people. It was so in Russia as it is in the US now. Look whom they are voting for.
    Stan (Heretic)

  11. On the bright side, this dystopian future will be heaven for lovers of half-eaten Slim Jims. The streets will be littered with them!

  12. Mr. Hopey Changey has just proved that he is a tool. Comparisons w/ Bush are a really weak attempt to excuse his evil. He is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar and a Liberal, yet he does not have the backbone to stop such a heinous thing. Put indefinite detention of Americans in America together with DHS domestic checkpoints, Patriot act and the end picture resembles any 3 rd world country where citizens are disappeared for whatever reason the PTB want. How soon until they come for the new Jews? Who will be the new Jew? Will they have to wear a yellow $ on their clothes?

    Do not forget the O man's desire to setup a domestic police force as strong as the Military. Now the Military are the Police. To hell with the Posse Comitatus Act. Ready to rule from day 1!

    My country has transformed in my lifetime from a sick republic into a rotten stinking zombie carcass dropping Constitutional body parts as it staggers into the darkness of our future.

    See you in the FEMA camps! Comrade!

  13. another great issue, that history teach us
    serch on wikipedia
    Reichstag Fire Decree
    forget nazi
    that in the end was NAZIonal socialism
    to me it look like AMERIKA today!!!!!

  14. Much ado about nothing. It has always been legal for the government to take war combatants into custody and allow the army to hold them until the enemy has negotiated a peaceful end to the war. This law has only affirmed what already existed perhaps just to prevent the time and money lawyers might spend trying convince a judge that an act of war by a citizen is not an act of war. Or maybe more likely to prevent one of our many crazy judges from allowing a war combatant to go free based on a technicality. The simple fact is we are at war. The enemy is using "citizens" against us. When a citizen joins an army at war with us and commits an overt act they are justly classified as a prisoner of war after being captured. I say let them rot in Gitmo.

  15. @"Much ado about nothing"... Read your history (beyond justifying what countries do when "at war"). The USA is not "at war". There is no legal war declared. But there is certainly war being waged against our civil liberties. You are utterly naive and your kind are A) the reason fascists have had such an easy time taking over this country, and B) the reason why the rest of us are expecting this to end badly. I hope you are smart enough to pick up arms when the time comes, or at least not cause patriots to have to waste too many bullets getting you out of the way.

  16. Clinton passed NAFTA, deregulated the FCC, gutted welfare and, as the piece de resistance, repealed Glass Steagal. Bush stole the 2000 election when our apolitical Supreme Court decided on strict party lines that he was the winner as the Florida recount was stopped because the counters were "intimidated." WTF?This illegitimate President then launched two expensive wars while cutting taxes.( Several hundred thousand votes in Ohio were disallowed in the 2004 Presidential election, but that's another story.)
    Now under our no hope/no change President we continue down the slippery slope...many parallels to 1930 Germany emerge....

  17. What we all saw in Florida in 2000 was the Democrat party doing what they do every election. They "mine" for votes in a recount. In the process they broke the law. They wanted to only do a recount in a couple of very large heavily Democrat counties. Florida law is quite clear in that a recount for a national election must be a state-wide recount. The Florida Supreme court made a political decision to allow it. The delays created a situation where Florida would NOT meet the deadline and thus their vote would NOT have been counted. This was the Democrat plan B because without Florida Gore would win. All the Supreme court did was enforce existing law, i.e. that the recount MUST include all counties and since that had not happened the recount was stopped and the count was certified as counted. It is naive and ignorant to claim the Supreme court did anything wrong.

  18. The die is cast...there will be no peaceful surrender....hence the force of a corrupt government will be felt by many...and others will kneel and beg for inclusion into the den of for me... Patrick Henry says it all...

  19. Way to focus on the trivial from a decade ago while ignoring the current disaster, above Anonymous who's not even creative enough to come up with a fake screen name. Just keep hating on those evil Democrats from back in 2000 while ignoring how your country has become a fascist corporate state NOW. You are a guy who'd be looking at the scratches on a penny he sees in the middle of the street, debating whether to pick it up, as a fully-loaded dump truck is about to run over him because the driver can't be bothered to hit the brakes.

  20. And Solzenitsyn spends his old years in Russia, playing toady to ex-KGB man Putin.

    Where are Pinochet's torturers? They are doing fine, I am afraid so. I am sure Pinera likes them too; they are someone one can 'use'.

    In any case, people like Anitra will mostly be exempt from any of these treatments, thanks to their connection. No matter what you do, Anitra and her husband will enjoy better connection or more power than you.

  21. This passionate call for Americans to rise in defiance is truly inspiring.....except that the writer is sitting on his arse in Chile.

    I respect you in many ways Mr. Lira, but writers remain part of the society that created them; they remain to give us insight...and a voice to that insight. But you've abdicated the country that created you.

    You're "concern" about where America is heading hardly seems sincere.

    In this case, you're not being a writer; you're a typer.

    Is it a slow news day in Chile?

  22. the Bank of international Settlements is where the decisions are made
    The USA is the biggest socialist/state capitalist on the planet
    65% 0f the population is on the government tit
    The 1% is looting the rest
    Incrementaly the agenda for world government is installed.The demise of the USA$ is stark fact you do not need the WWW to get out the message but it has helped.
    By crapping on and on about the local franchise ie USA inc you let the spider in the web go unoticed because for all the media you know bugger all.Follow the money BIS is the spider.

  23. Hey Anonymous "Much ado about nothing":

    F**K YOU!

    (1) "Enemy Combatants" in all previous wars *ONLY* applied to US citizens on a foreign battlefield or foreign spies/saboteurs in the US. Americans found working for The Enemy were charged with treason, put to trial and dealt with as appropriate depending on guilt or innocence. *NEVER* before has our .gov claimed the right to "disappear" US citizens from US soil!!

    As to "Stan(Heretic)" -- "look at who they are voting for"...

    We've been told since at least 2010 that Romney was going to be the Retardlican nominee.

    Do you REALLY THINK our votes are counted as they're cast? I just posted about this a couple of days ago -

    Whenever any Patriots are ready to go stand on Lexington green, I'll be right there with you. I'm more than ready to pledge my life, (non-)fortune and (VERY!)Sacred honor but I have ZERO desire to die alone and for naught!

    God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

  24. There is more that can be done than writing in blogs and writing letters to Congressmen who don't care. When the jack-booted stormtroopers come piling out of the blacked out SUVs to grab you, draw your sidearm, from concealment, shoot to the center of mass of the head, and continue engaging the enemy until you are either free to move out at a rapid pace and begin your personal evasion plan, or you are dead. At least, if you are dead, you have died standing up for your beliefs, weapon in hand, facing the enemy, not cowering in front of a computer screen, waiting for the breaching team to blow in your front door and the extraction team to throw the hood over your head.
    Too many patriots talk about what they will do, but do not plan what they will actually do when it becomes necessary.
    Nous Defions,
    John Mosby
    Somewhere in the mountains

  25. It is indeed much ado about nothing. We ARE at war. War was declared on us by the radical muslims. They intend to win they intend to destroy us. For crying out loud pull your head out and pay attention. Christians are being killed in about 20 different countries all over the world by muslims. The muslims have declared war!! Do you really believe that if our dysfunctional congress does not declare war that we are not at war?? Can you be that stupid?

    This issue is much like the so-called Fema camps. This meme has been around since before Fema was known to 90% of the citizens. Yet there is not and has not been a single actual Fema camp or concentration camp. Yet the looney tin foil hat crazies still rant on about Fema camps.

    It has ALWAYS been legal for the government to take an enemy combatant into custody and turn them over to the military for detention until the end of hostilities. This law didn't change it. Arguably the only purpose of it was to prevent lower level judges from tying up proceedings and forcing the government to go through the lengthy and expensive process of appealing decisions up the food chain. If you commit an act of war against the U.S. you ARE an enemy combatant and can be taken into custody and spend the reat of the "war" in a POW camp. It doesn't matter if you commit this act outside or inside the U.S. Why would you think it does???

    Take off your goofy looking tin foil hat and pay attention.

  26. A must know

  27. To: "Much ado about nothing"

    Well, your explanation actually says its about something. It's about holy war between Christians and Muslims. That by the way is the absolute root cause of everything since 1998 when OBL declared war on the US in response to US massive staging of military might in the Gulf.

    The modern holy war is waged between radical Islamic outcasts on one side, the the fundamentalist Christian ruler class in the USA. The latter dominates the Republican party, big money, big oil, big military, ... anything big and powerful in the US. This ruler class loves power, money and war.

    This sort of holy war has happened many times in history, two of the biggest were the Crusade and the Inquisition. What's shaping up in the US is actually a combination of the two - holy war 'on terror' globally, and 21th century Inquisition domestically. And just like the previous Inquisition in Europe and S America, everything is permissible. Whatever the Pope approved (today Congress approved) is legally allowed. Including sudden and permanent disappearance into the Gulag.

    Holy wars call for the most massive and dictatorial powers, the most brutal campaigns. That's why they are waged by 'holy' men. The question remains - what are they afraid of? Certainly not 20,000 nukes from the former USSR. Let me answer this profound question:

    They are afraid of themselves.

  28. God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

    D.D. Agreed and I believe even though we have foolishly allowed the Creator to removed from every aspect of the public life here. I do believe He is not yet done with this shining Light of Liberty and those who who will stand for Liberty.

    Brock thanks for the link and passed on...

  29. Here's Obama's reply to all your comments so far:


  30. I have heard the lunacy about "massive staging of military might in the Gulf." before and it makes no more sense now then it did then. First of all the war was declared against us well before 1998. Secondly it had nothing to do with our military and where they were placed or our desire to do business in the Gulf or the Mideast. It is a war against what we believe in, i.e. freedom especially freedom for women and freedom of religion. It may be a "religious war" but it is ONLY religious from the Islamic side of the battle. Islam is more then a religion it is their politics, their law, their society and determines what and when they eat and drink and who gets to have sex and who does not. It determines which of the powerful Mullahs get to have sex with 7 year old girls and buy teenage girls for "wives". Islam is everything and controls everything and it is all about who is controlled and who controls everything. Our freedom threatens this stone age society and those who control everything under Islam. They fear knowledge; if their people learn about freedom for girls, women and young men they may lose their stranglehold on their society so they must stop us. Is all of that "religion"?? Yes, to them but not to any other non-islamist people in the world.

    1. Boy, brainwashing really works.

      Nut job.

  31. may be a good idea to print as many copies if our constitution as we can.....before it dissapears,,,,,

  32. Hello,

    The most important thing for Americans this election is to safeguard the constitutional integrity of their political system. Arguments about health care, gay rights, progressive vs libertarian etc, though important, are secondary issues. Without constitutional rights of free speech, free assembly, due process, governmental openness and so forth, the rest won't matter.

    America's imperial culture of wars, exaggerated military spending, insider bailouts, and legislatively enforced rent seeking (examples, Obama's health care "reform" or the FED's zero interest rate policy for Wall Street banks) is dragging America down by impoverishing its real economy and its citizens. According to data from the 2010 census, 50% of Americans now live in or near poverty. That's a politically explosive situation and it's likely to be a long hot Summer in the States. Maintaining empires along with their corrupt elites tends to impoverish the multitude. Hence, political repression becomes necessary. Hence NDAA, Homeland Security, militarized police forces etc.

    Rome maintained its largest armies during its last hundred years. These armies weren't very good, but what's surprising about that? The Americans just got kicked out of Iraq and can't seem to defeat a bunch of goat herders with small arms weapons in Afghanistan. If not for the love and generosity of the Russians(!!??), its forces there would be partially cut off from supply.

    Rome's civil service, which toward the end dressed in military uniforms, primarily existed to extract wealth from the population to support the army. The empire also needed to maintain a hugh secret police service to spy on its own population which further drained resourses from the people. By the end most Romans bitterly hated their own government. Fact: over a third of Alaric's army was composed of Romans and runaway slaves and serfs from Italy when Aleric sacked Rome in 410. Payback from your own population isn't pretty.

    Americans need to turn this around, if they can, because the ash can of History is littered with plenty of examples of what will happen if they don't. Hint: do vote, but refuse to vote for any politician who supports war, empire, or the national "security" state. Hint: that means no Barry and no Mitt. Thanks for this topic, GL.



    1. What can I say, history repeats itself...

  33. Down in Australia not a single word of this NDAA debacle has been reported in the press, not one syllable - any criticism of BO is banned:

    As such I was compelled to write to the MSM, and followed up with another email to friends.

    "Hey guys this was forwarded to MSM, it won't see the light of day:

    Reading about the recent United States primaries in the SMH has been entertaining, for it gives one the opportunity to observe the hollow men ply their trade. One can't help but see it as theatre, or a reality TV show on steroids, all in all a grand distraction that signifies nothing.

    You see, while the limelight shone upon the hopeful nominees the United States of America was quietly declared a battle field in our shared War on Terror. The Nobel Peace Prize recipient, who promised "change you can believe in", signed (on New Year's Eve) the National Defence Authorisation Act 2012, being the final nail in the coffin of habeas corpus. A law that permits the indefinite detention, and possibly torture or assassination of any citizen deemed (by persons unknown) to be assisting or associated with "terrorists". No transparency, no lawyers, nothing, only the pleasure of the powers that be.

    One would have thought such a brutal attack, by our best friends, on that which our fathers fought and died for, would have at least got a mention in the Australian media. I'll be buggered if I can find a word anywhere. Happy New Year Americans, you are all a lot safer now."

    1. Too stupid to create a name? LOL. I am the anonymous as well, because the name does not matter, only the message counts.


      Yes, GL is right, but pointlessly so.

      The main fact is that the US is in fact a democracy (in fact, I am not talking about what it supposed to be), or "a mob rule", meaning a tyranny of the majority, and so it doesn't matter if you have your rights or not, because in a democracy, by the definition you have no rights.

      In democracy, you must do what the majority had decided for you to do, period. This is not freedom, and therefore worth nothing. NDAA is simply a particular detail on specifics of your future execution, but your execution is certain, if you are not part of the mob.

      I am not part of the mob. What is there for me? One way or another? Nothing but the execution. Why should I care which way?

      I am from former USSR. I am personally familiar with GULAG. So, it is all the same thing. There and here, all lies. There is no freedom anywhere. It is all a theater of details, appearances and intricacies. The system in USA and USSR is essentially the same. It took me 15 years to understand this simple fact.

      Now, GL advises us to vote, to demonstrate, to protest. In favor of exactly what? In favor of democracy? In other words, in favor of a system where a majority of idiots can and will decide what it to happen to me and my property? Fuck it. Fuck it all.

      There is no hope or freedom. We are all going to perish. Enjoy the circus of idiots who think that they are fighting for something, while supporting something else that will deprive them all the same.

  34. I get as much from the replies as the article. This was an important article to write with GL's voice.

    These are troubling times. I bet a whole lot of members of the Republican Party get voted out this next go around - Democrat to for that matter.

    Personally, I would like to see the White House, Senate during Christmas time. Those folks just came be trusted during that time of year.

    Kansas out.

  35. Just for the record, you mention the Wannsee protocol. A very nasty piece of work, calling for Ethnic Cleansing and slave labor for Jews.

    here's a link to it:

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